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Do you experience bladder leakage?
Yes I do!
No I do not!

Welcome to SheSociety's What Women Want forum! A dedicated space to discuss all the important topics we are talking about in our communities.

SheSociety's Bec Pini recently shared an article on her experience with bladder leakage, it is more common then you think! Sound off below and share your stories!

3W Etiquette 101

1. Please invite any other women who you think might benefit from being here – we’re better together!
2. Disagree, but don’t disrespect. We are all going to have differing opinions.
3. This group is for support and networking, not promoting your products or business opportunities. So please don’t use this forum for that. If you’ve got an opportunity that you think can’t be missed by this group, email she@shesociety.com.au!