Australia Should Be Inspired By The 1988 Olympic Women’s Hockey Team

June 21, 2024

Ladies First—The Story of Australia’s First Olympic Hockey Gold Medal by author, filmmaker, and commentator Ashley Morrison is an inspiring account of a historic Australian achievement at the Olympic Games.

Until the Seoul Olympic Games in 1988, an Australian team had not won an Olympic Gold Medal.

The women who formed the hockey team came together as a bunch of individuals and were moulded into a champion team, participating in what was widely seen as the last of the ‘amateur’ Games.

Ladies First delves into the captivating story of how Australia clinched its first Olympic hockey and team gold medal, with first-hand accounts from many of the women.

According to Morrison, the milestone moment is a testament to the dedication, perseverance, and spirit of the athletes who proudly represented the nation.

He says that the book was written to record an important part of Australian hockey and Olympic history.

“The 16 players are almost the ‘forgotten’ Gold Medallists of 1988,” Morrison explains.

“While two individuals also won Gold Medals that year and have been rightly lauded and celebrated, the significance of the Gold Medal won by the Australian women’s hockey team hardly raises a mention in Australian Olympic history or even Australian hockey history.”

The team was inducted into the Sport Australia Hall of Fame in 2003, and some of the players have also been inducted individually into the Sport Australia Hall of Fame. However, only seven players and coach Brian Glencross are in the Hockey Australia Hall of Fame.

“When they played the final against host nation South Korea, they were not just playing a team, but an entire nation that filled the stadium.

“It’s a remarkable victory, a remarkable moment, and we should never forget their achievement.”

Ladies First: The Story of Australia’s First Olympic Hockey Gold Medal is available for $34.99 at Fair Play Publishing and leading bookstores nationwide.