Cocobei Brings A Melbourne Twist To Good Friday With A Seafood Degustation Extravaganza

March 26, 2024

Cocobei, the quintessential Melbourne-style cafe nestled in Docklands, is set to elevate your Good Friday experience with an exclusive Good Friday Degustation event. Renowned for its commitment to delivering exceptional culinary delights, Cocobei, with over two decades of industry expertise, invites guests to savour a 4-course seafood feast in a degustation style to celebrate the Easter weekend.

Embracing the essence of Melbourne’s vibrant culture, Cocobei seamlessly blends Australian, French, Mediterranean and Asian fusion brunch options to create an adventurous degustation full of flavour, promising to provide an unforgettable Good Friday experience to celebrate with loved ones.

Drawing from his Chinese heritage,  Martin Sun, Head Chef of Cocobei incorporates traditional cooking techniques and aromatic spices commonly found in Chinese cuisine, infusing dishes with unique Chinese elements such as dehydration and broth-making techniques to enhance flavour. Sun also draws inspiration from Italian cooking techniques such as osmosis, and French innovations such as the sous vide, consomme and creme practices.

The degustation begins with a Gazpacho with Almond Cracker, Avocado Creme, and Torched Prosciutto, the perfect cleanser, with a hit of salt to prepare the palette for the remaining courses. The second course unveils a succulent Confit Salmon adorned with Watermelon Jerky infused with smoked oils and an aromatic blend of herbs. This advanced culinary practice, characterised by a meticulous 15-hour baking process and an additional 15 hours in the dehydrator, unveils a distinct and unparalleled flavour experience—a groundbreaking approach to culinary experiences. Elevating this creation further, it is complemented by the delicate addition of passionfruit vinegar and the vibrant burst of finger lime, the combination of these ingredients creating the perfect harmonious balance between sweet, salty and sour. The Butter Poached Flounder with Prawn Ravioli, Bok Choy, and Seafood Bisque steals the show as the main course while the Ganache Tart with Italian Meringue, Strawberries, and Vanilla Ice Cream ends the experience as the perfect ode to Easter.

This holiday degustation promises a gastronomic journey through carefully crafted dishes, each highlighting the freshness and quality of Cocobei’s seafood selection, locally sourced by Ocean Made Seafood. To enhance the degustation experience, every reserved guest will be greeted with a complimentary glass of Chandon Brut Champagne, adding a touch of sparkle to the holiday celebration. To ensure an intimate and enjoyable dining experience, reservations are highly recommended.

Sun says, “We are thrilled to present our Good Friday Degustation, a culinary journey that reflects the high quality and unique flavours of our dishes and heritage. With a focus on seafood and a blend of adventurous tastes, we aim to create an unforgettable dining experience for our guests”.

Don’t miss the chance to indulge in the Good Friday Degustation at Cocobei, where each dish is a testament to the cafe’s dedication to culinary excellence. Make your reservation today to secure your spot and embark on a seafood-filled adventure.

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