Three Renovation Tips To Make Your Home A Cosy Winter Wonderland

June 26, 2024

Aussies are looking for ways to transform their homes into havens of warmth and homeliness during the colder months so that they can enjoy every inch of their gorgeous sanctuary.

Across the country, homes are traditionally built to cater to the hotter months, but by adding a few choice features for a warm home as the cold starts to creep in can make your space more comfortable and enjoyable.

Christie Wood, Beaumont Tiles Design Specialist said that creating a space which is comfier and homier can be important for Aussies as they look to create homes which are places to rest and recharge all year round.

“Homes are increasingly becoming places Aussies turn to reduce stress and care for themselves,” Ms Wood said. “Renovations are becoming more focussed on creating spaces which are serene and relaxing aesthetically and practically.

“Renovating a space into your own sanctuary in winter means looking for features which will guarantee warmth, relaxation and aesthetic brilliance so you can find enjoyment in your own private space by looking over your own well-being.”

Here are some of Ms Wood’s tips for renovating homes into winter wonderland.

Keep warm with underfloor heating

Installing underfloor tile heating can be the perfect way to warm your floors and save money on heaters or air conditioner as it radiates through the tiles making the whole home feel warmer.

“Keeping your feet toasty through underfloor heating can be a great way to wake up in the morning,” Ms Wood said.

“Installing underfloor heating like Hotwire’s floor heating system is affordable to install and cheaper to run then your standard heat lamp meaning you get more bang for your buck.

“It can often be easy to control with a touch screen Wi-Fi thermostat that can be controlled through your phone, and it will have your feet feeling warm and your house feeling cosy in 30 to 60 minutes so you can snuggle up in your space and watch some TV with a glass of red.”

Install a luxe fireplace

Adding a fireplace to a renovation can have the dual appeal of providing warmth and comfort, while creating a big impression with its stylish looks.

“Whether you have an existing fireplace to adapt or plan to install one,” Ms Wood said. “They are an excellent focal point for a living room and can be a create place to gather as a family.

“Few things are as wonderful as watching flames flicker and keeping warm as you enjoy everyday living and entertaining guests.

“Cladding your fireplace with a tile like the Roma Travertine Modular White Textured Tile can really draw visitors eye and add a gorgeous look to a space which is guaranteed to warm the heart and soul as you enjoy the company of friends and family.”

Keep away the nasty moulds and mildew

“Even in the winter months Aussies can wrestle with mould and mildew particularly if the weather is really wet,” Ms Wood said.

“Tiles are a fabulous way to spend more time relaxing and less time cleaning up after these nasties because they are mildew and mould resistant, and their surface won’t trap dust, pollen or contaminants.”

Cleaning tiles is simple, just make sure you sweep them and then use a mop like the Bona Tile Hybrid & Laminate Surface Spray Mop with a cleaning solution like Beaumonts environmentally friendly GreenClean range.

“Another way to keep the away the nasties in bathroom is by installing a heater like Beaumonts Soma 4 in 1 Remo Bathroom Heater – coming soon to stores – which acts as a good way to keep the air circulating throughout the space keeping you warm and comfy,” Ms. Wood said.

“Or try using vertical heated towel rails in brushed gold to keep those towels from getting damp and so you can rug up cosy as can be once you step out of the shower.”

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