10th Asia Pacific Screen Awards Ceremony

by We were so honoured to attend the red carpet event at the 10th Asia Pacific Screen Awards Ceremony here in Brisbane last week. 2016 marked the tenth year that Australia Pacific Screen Awards (APSA) has recognised and promoted cinematic excellence and […]

High Five For Our Chief Justice

by On hearing that the first woman in history to be appointed Chief Justice of the High Court is from Queensland, the She Brisbane office erupted in cheers and a lot of high-fiving. A former Queensland high school girl’s appointment to the […]

Suicide, Self-Harm at 10 Year High

by Many of us have children in our lives, one way or another, which is why the new statistics released on youth suicide are heartbreaking. New research which will send a shiver down all parents’ spines shows that suicide rates and self […]

Women “Love” Men with Tatts

by It appears women are not as fussy when it comes to men’s bodies, reports the ABC. It said a new paper published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences found that tattoos made men more attractive to women. “Women perceived tattoos […]

Domestic Violence Cover up Attacked

by She Brisbane brings you this article because it is just so unbelievable. It highlights the huge cultural differences and attitudes around the world and how women in certain countries just accept their fate. Moroccan state television network has been labelled a […]

Banish those gym breakouts!

by There’s nothing worse than working your butt off at the gym to look good, only to suffer a nasty breakout and clogged pores on your face as a result. That “after workout glow” often leaves skin feeling irritated and sticky from […]

Light a candle for kids

by Social Enterprise Collective One is about to launch a new candle range with $5 from every sale to be donated to the buyer’s choice of one of three charities: Pyjama Foundation, Cambodian Children’s Fund and Safe Childhoods Foundation. The new candles […]

Sextortion ruins lives!

by Many parents worry about their children taking naked images of themselves and sharing them with people they think they can trust, however we also have to be careful. Yes us, the adults. As a major study continues in Australia into on-line […]

Diana: Her Fashion Story

by Nearly 20 years ago, as most Australians were going to lunch, a bright light went out across the other side of the world. It was 3.45am on August 31, 2007 when Princess Diana’s life support was switched off in a Paris […]

Bali danger

by The arrest of a Perth teen in Bali over alleged drug offences and the way a nightclub security guard manhandled him is every parent’s nightmare. Fortunately it eventually ended OK for 18-year-old Jamie Murphy but  what occurred highlighted how the drug […]

Dessata Detangling Brush

by To be honest, I have never thought too much about my hair brush, despite having a thick, dry and course mane that could do with a little more attention. I usually just grab a handful, yank down and push and pull my brush […]

That’s just not cricket

by The She Brisbane team have been up in arms about the latest cricket saga and even one of them yelled out ‘It’s just not cricket’. But before we could move on, the more mature ladies of the office had to explain […]

Curious about botox?

by She Brisbane was curious and spoke to Karen Shirley from The Skin Clinicians about botox (apparently I am not allowed to say botox because its trademarked so I will refer to it as injectables). We asked her to share some considerations about getting injectables… […]

Roll out of shark nets in NSW

by Today the NSW Government announced the approval of a 6 month trial for shark nets after a string of shark attacks in the area dating back to 2000. The installation of shark nets has commenced in Ballina. The new laws are enacted just in […]

Skin cancer prevention

by In a breakthrough that could dramatically reduce the number of skin cancers, a study completed by Professor Diana Damian and Professor Gary Halliday from the University of Sydney, has shown that Nicotinamide (Vitamin B3) has protective effects against skin damage caused […]

Adulting at 31 by Amanda Goddard

by Some days you wake up knowing that life is going to change.  Yesterday for me, I had one of those days.  I wasn’t sure how it was going to play out, usually my intuition guides me through these types of scenarios, […]

Books bring bliss after heartache

by “I think it’s about finding the right book at the right time in your life” When Louise Roche lost her husband Steve, it was the worst chapter in her life. Married for 18 years and best friends for longer, they had a genuine partnership […]

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