Public (House) Benefit

by I had a few days off recently and spent some quality time in some of Brisbane (and Sydney’s) finest public houses. I find it hard to have a bad time at the pub! Talking to Randoms, having a laugh with your […]

Left Out

by As a member of a minority group I was thrilled to find out that just like me, Tina Fey, Rod Laver, Ghandi, Robert De Niro and Napoleon are all Lefties. Variously known as South Paws, Cacky Handers and Marked by the […]

Plastic Fantastic

by Did you see recently that Queensland will ban single-use shopping bags from 2018? Hallelujah! I think the sooner they ban them the better. I don’t think they should stop there either just quietly – get rid of them everywhere I say. Especially on airplanes in […]

That Gets My Goat (Yoga)

by My Bestie is a yoga instructor – and yes she’s impossibly fit and bendy and glows with good health. It makes me SICK quite frankly. (She’s the one married to the smokin’ hot Italian who also an amazing cook – so unfair). I […]

Built To Last

by I read recently that the Antarctic Heritage Trust found a fruit cake that was over 100 years old AND still edible. The tin was a bit mankey but apparently the cake itself is OK. My guess is all the brandy in it has […]

How To Be A Man

by I was in an airport lounge the other day flicking through the fancy glossy quarterlies, eating heaps of yummy stuff, having a wine etc.. in fact it was reminiscent of that episode of Kath & Kim where Kath and Kel miss their flight […]

Dr Doolittle

by So you know how I can talk to animals….. Oh – haven’t I told you about that? Yeah, I can communicate with animals. No really, I can. Especially dogs but most animals actually – although fish are tricky and frogs for the […]

Change Up

by Did you hear that Daniel Day Lewis is retiring from acting? THIS A TRAGEDY! Absolute tragedy. What a freakin’ talent. He won three Oscars for Best Actor – the only man ever to do so – and I defy anyone to watch him […]

The Stepford Underpants

by Do you believe in Darwin’s Theory of Evolution Dear Reader? I do. Brad Pitt says it so well in the movie Moneyball – adapt or die. You have to keep up with the times. Technology alone, my God! Sometimes by the time […]

Modern Day Castaway

by In keeping with the usual calamity that is my life, the other night I locked myself out of my house. Without my phone. Or wallet. Just the running gear I was wearing. As it turns out, there are no public phone […]

What Nan’s Wisdom Taught My Mum

by Ahhh Mother’s Day – a day for makers of hand creams everywhere to rejoice! Also a day to appreciate all those amazing women in our lives who have loved us, taught us, nurtured us and given us such wonderful role models to emulate. […]

Kerbside (& Relationship) Clean Up

by It’s true that Old Adage “One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure” which is why I suspect it’s an Old Adage. This is clearly demonstrated by the annual Kerbside Clean Up currently happening in my suburb. There is nothing like watching impoverished Uni […]

I See Red!

by I saw a story recently on that hunky Dr Andrew Rochford’s son being bullied because he has red hair. This is a problem as old as time itself, and I’ve seen it firsthand – as I’ve said previously in this column Dear […]

Aliens Have Landed

by I notice that movie ‘Arrival’ with Amy Adams (LOVE HER!) has just been released on DVD (or on iTunes or Foxtel store whatever it is now – SIDEBAR: I am the only person left with a DVD player?) It’s about these giant octopus-like […]

Potato Torment

by Two really awful things happened to me last week. I had to go to Canberra, and There was a potato shortage there. You may remember Dear Readers, how last year I was sent into a sheer panic at the mere suggestion […]

Soar Like An Emu

by Happy New Year Dear Readers! How was your break? Mine was exhausting. I need a holiday after my “holiday”. A couple of highlights for you (in no particular order). Dad putting Dynamic Lifter on the lawn before the afternoon storms hit, yet again sending […]

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