Go Camping, they said. It’ll be fun, they said.  So, with a blank calendar both weekend days, and for no particular reason than to get unplugged for a while, us city folk hitched on the camper-trailer and headed for cowpad country. One […]

Digital Cocaine?

Whether your kids still delight in Peppa Pig, have moved on to Minecraft, or graduated to Fortnite, chances are they spend a lot more time watching pixels dance on a screen than playing in the park. Since the iPad was released eight […]

Brisbane, You’ve Been ‘Adeled’

The Brit let it rip. That voice – it never faltered, song after song. But when the music stopped and that cockney accent blessed her fans with humour, humility and honesty, for me – that was the real inspiration of the night. That someone […]

Normalness and the power of imperfection

The Odd Bunch, it says on the pack. But what they are, in fact, (along with clever marketing) is the anomalies of the carrot industry, bagged up and sold cheap: the equal opportunity of the vegetable world – ensuring even the bumpiest, […]

Diagnosis: spirited

I have what they politely call ‘spirited’ children. You know the ones: the type checkout operators suddenly open extra lanes for, that you hear coming before they arrive. Children that, while others sip babycinos on their mother’s laps, are hell-bent trying to […]