Australian Haute Couture Designer – Alin Le’ Kal Dazzles at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week

January 26, 2019

When I began researching the designers I was going to see at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week I was very surprised to see an Australian designer included. I suddenly realised that I was already familiar with his work. You see Alin Le’ Kal was the Melbourne designer who created the Couture wedding gown of Gamble Breaux on ‘The Real Housewives of Melbourne‘. She looked stunning in her beautiful wedding dress and I knew to expect Alin’s signature sparkle when his beautiful designs graced the catwalks here in the ornate Salon Opera. This unique space was the perfect setting for Alin’s majestic gowns.

Watching the crowd head into the show I recognised some of Alin’s looks on members of the audience. The young ladies looked stunning and when I spoke to them they were indeed family from Melbourne who were wearing Alin’s designs. Melbourne with its four seasons in one day was the perfect location for Alin to embark upon his design journey. The many requests from family and friends for his gowns and dresses served as a catalyst to grow and develop his artistry.

Building on his early explorations, his studies at RMIT University gave him the firm foundation of knowledge and craftsmanship which served to streamline his aspirational and decadent designs.This collection, called Reflective Elements, shows Alin’s rich use of light, of flight and of shining brilliance which ensures that the wearer is the focal point of any occasion.

Brides seek out Alin Le’ Kal’s Couture designs because they know he’s the master of extravagant trains and intricate finishes which illuminate their inner beauty and enhance the feminine silhouette with his signature flourish.

The Runway Show

I immediately felt Australia running through my veins as the first models glided down the runway. They were wearing the most beautiful aqua blue dresses. The colour was unlike any I had seen in previous shows. It spoke of oceans and cloudless Aussie skies and I sat up proudly watching for the reactions of those around me. Tears threatened to spill as the beautiful models strutted past  shimmering with captivating crystals, angelic feathers and beads reflecting radiant light.The dazzling beauty of his gowns caused the audience to gasp.

Silver dresses and gowns with beading were exquisite, but everyone around me was wowed by a charcoal grey structural creation complete with flowing train. A beaded gown with red, blue and cream was next, the nude underlay let the colours burst through like spirals of sunlight. Beaded metallic mini dresses with matching headbands were stunning and as the models turned Alin had added interesting features to the back with cutaways and plunges.

For me I adored the black tuxedo style suit with metallic embellishment and we all coveted the sparkling gold jumpsuit. Gold was a signature and ever more elaborate gold creations graced the runway before making way for the feathered gowns in pink and white embracing the dream of every little girl who’s imagined herself in a Swan Lake inspired outfit. I loved the combination of a floral and bead encrusted evening gown in grey and pink. It had such a feminine vibe and silhouette and the back detail was stunning. Finally came the finale which encompassed Alin’s signature bridal gowns- encrusted with gems, trailing trains of feathers and pure bridal fantasy.

As I watched the crowd vie for Alin’s attention and saw him being interviewed by media from around the world my heart swelled with Aussie pride and mateship. Alin had wowed the world.  It’s through the endeavours of such brave and hard working designers that Australia can continue to show the world our unique Australian design aesthetic and style. Bravo Alin and thank you for taking me on a dazzling  ride at the Haute Couture Paris Fashion Week. Spring / Summer will never look the same to me again.

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