Autumn Fashion Trends

March 13, 2018

Autumn is upon us and even though it’s still warm in most parts of Australia, the stores are tempting us with new colours, shapes and accessories to welcome the latest season. Autumn has to be one of my favourite seasons as the warm colours suit most colourings and the clothes are still not too heavy to wear. I love adding long pants, a shirt and perhaps a blazer to my daily outfit choices after sweltering through another long Aussie summer. This combo is always effortless and stylish and a dream for women of all ages to pull off. Autumn also heralds the arrival of my annual favourites-new boots and this year it appears we’ll be spoilt for choice with stylish boots in a range of new and exciting colours. So here are a few of my favourite trends for the coming months as the mornings cool, leaves fall from the trees, footy season begins and we all turn off the air conditioning for a while.

Autumn Colour

Purple in every hue is making a huge comeback. Fittingly in the year in which we will see not one but two royal weddings, this regal colour reigns supreme. The Pantone colour of the year is Ultra Violet, a dramatic and provocative thoughtful purple shade. If this bright hue is not for you incorporate it into a scarf or earrings or look for the shade of purple which is just right for you. Still not a fan of purple- embrace shades of burgundy, mulberry and maroon. Emerald green, turmeric, mustard and shades of pink are also creeping into your local boutiques.

Silver has been big at all of the designer shows and will be filtering into our wardrobes this autumn. I have a silver pleated skirt which has survived many a cull which will be front and centre in my autumn wardrobe. Knits in shimmery silver instead of  the usual grey are also a great addition to your jeans and light knit combo. Silver clutches and handbags are on offer from most fashion houses. The covetable Dior silver handbags are works of art and were seen on many a celebrity wrist at the recent Dior shows. Silver booties are big and can be dressed up or down and are bang on trend.

Dark Florals

Welcome back florals with a dark background. Feminine florals have taken an edgy turn this season with black or dark backgrounds all the rage. Experiment with a dark floral shirt and jeans combo or for the more daring there are stylish floral pantsuits which will make a statement when you walk in the room. Dark bombers with florals were around last season and can be worn again. Most fashion stores are stocking dresses, shirts, skirts and jackets with this lovely pattern. Veronika Maine has a great selection of the darker florals.


Boots, boots and more boots are everywhere and in every colour. Add sparkling white boots, purple boots, red boots with a groovy front zipper, metallic boots in every hue or how about some cowboy boots in pale pink. There are new takes on your everyday tan, black and grey boots as well, so whatever heel height, length, style or colour you prefer you will find it this season. Witchery and Wittner have some covetable styles. The gold and white are eye- catching in their window displays and the silver in Witchery are on my list. For maximum comfort look out for the stylish Frankie4 footwear boots coming into the stores.


Gingham was around in summer and expect gingham and checks to become even more prevalent as autumn approaches. Gingham is a perfect transeasonal look here in Australia. The crisp and sharp lines of black and white gingham can be found in tops, skirts and dresses.Try Country Road and Zara for key pieces. For a different look try hot pink, red or dark green gingham. Checks in pants, jackets, suits and skirts are always stylish for transeasonal dressing and making the right choice will have your favourite checked items become one of your wardrobe workhorses for many years to come.

These are just some of my favourite trends for the season. Do you have a favourite look for autumn ? What will you be incorporating into your wardrobe this season?

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