Beauty Hair Hacks For The Time-Poor Professional

March 2, 2017

We know it’s hard to look your best when you’re snoozing your alarm 15 times before finally rolling out of bed in the morning – don’t worry we’re as guilty of this as you! But never fear, Celebrity hair stylist, Sarah Potempa is here to give you her top five beauty hacks for perfecting your daily hair regime in half the time!

Sarah created the revolutionary hair tool the Beachwaver Pro, an automated curling iron, and has been styling celebrities and models for over 15 years so take our word of it, this is some advice you’re going to want to take seriously.

Her mission is to always help women feel more beautiful, inside and out, no matter how much or little time you have in the mornings – so up and at ‘em, it’s time to get your fab on!

Tame your frizz with hand lotion
Picture this… you’re strapped for time and have a meeting to go to, but you’ve noticed frizzy flyaways at the last minute (I’m sure this is a familiar occurrence for most women!). My solution? Use a five cent piece sized amount of hand lotion, rub it into your hands first and voila, tamed frizz on the go. Yes, hand lotion isn’t specifically for your hair, but it’s perfect in small amounts for taming that mane!

Sleep with your hair in a bun
If you want to avoid spending an hour on your hair in the morning, easy, put it up into a loose bun and sleep on it. When you go to take it out in the morning, you’ll have instant volume and a beachy bend in your hair!

Use dryer sheets to avoid static
Do you suffer from static hair throughout the day? Eliminate the static first thing in the morning by running dryer sheets over your hair. Trust me, this really works and will mean your ‘do will last all day long!

Style your hair on the weekend
Spend the time fully curling your hair with the Beachwaver PRO on Sunday and you’ll have waves that will still look great on Monday and Tuesday. Then, all you’ll need is a quick touch up each morning and you’re good to go.

Get creative with household items…
Don’t be afraid to get creative with household items to style your hair, and funnily enough it may end up saving you quite a bit of time. Curl your hair then set the curls before bed by wrapping them around a cardboard toilet paper roll and pinning them to the head with clips. If you sleep in them like a roller set, you’ll wake up with voluminous second day waves – Voilà!



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