Bigger Breasts Are On The Increase

May 8, 2018

According to the Courier Mail bust sizes in Queensland are increasing. Whether it be by nature or through surgical ways, retailers are reporting that full cup ranges are now their biggest growing sector as now the average bust size for women is DD.

Bras N Things’ senior buyer for lingerie Jessica Lauppe-Guy said the “full cup” range, which accommodated sizes DD to G, was one of the biggest growing sections in the company.

She said the most popular cup sizes had been steadily increasing over the past three decades starting from a standard size of 12B in the 80s to a 12C in the 90s and then an E in more recent years, with the company’s current data showing a 12DD generating the most sales.

“There has been a huge demand in this (full cup) area and the women (in that range) are very vocal because for so long they were not able to walk into a store and find anything other than a horrible beige bra.” she said.

“Now we have a lot of fashionable styles and shapes in full cups.”

Plastic surgeon Dr Phillip Bushell-Guthrie said in over 20 years in the industry, he’d noticed women coming into his Brisbane St Clinic for bigger and bigger breast enlargements.

“Although we have got quite a way to go before we catch up to the Americans, they are extra-large,” he said.

Dr Bushell-Guthrie said while a C cup used to be considered a reasonable size, nowadays it would be a D and for younger women it would be a DD.

Published by the Courier Mail

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