November 22, 2016

From its humble online beginnings in 2003 to four flagship stores right here in Brisbane Biome has solidified its name as one of the best, if not the best provider of eco-friendly and ethically-sourced products in Australia.

Born from the concept of “how will you make a difference today”, Biome founder Tracey Bailey says of her brainchild that Biome is all about giving consumers the ability to make a positive impact on their direct environment and feel empowered in the process.

You could spend hours roaming a Biome store as they have everything you could ever need, from natural, eco-friendly cleaning products, to natural cosmetics, as well as the only Australian-made organic chocolate one can find. Yum!!

image2The stores are just divine with all of the furnishings carefully fitted out in eco-friendly materials, right down to the last lampshade.

Tracey admits there hasn’t always been a strong interest in eco-living and that consumer interest has come in waves over the years. Recently, however,  there has been a spike in interest again, with the latest trend seeing people seeking healthier, more simplistic lives and a desire to go “back to basics”.

The Biome Naked Beauty Bar – one has just been launched at the Biome Balmoral store – is an extension of and compliments this simplistic DIY lifestyle.

The Bar acts as a space for customers to go in and make their own beauty products, both in-house and at home.

I was fortunate to attend the launch of this exciting new concept and given the opportunity to make my own, all-natural peppermint lip balm.

Like a kid in a candy store, it was super exciting to experience making my own beauty product. Educational too, with Tracey and her ladies providing in-depth information surrounding all of their products and processes.

All products stocked by Biome must adhere to the highest of standards in order to be included in their range. As Tracey explains, she and her staff are on a constant learning journey, as some products may change or no longer align with the values of the company’s vision.

Tracey and the Biome team plan to hold workshops in conjunction with the new Naked Beauty Bar and hope to see the rest of their stores open up their very own stations soon.

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