Dessata Detangling Brush

November 24, 2016

To be honest, I have never thought too much about my hair brush, despite having a thick, dry and course mane that could do with a little more attention. I usually just grab a handful, yank down and push and pull my brush down, more often than not to find split ends falling at my feet. But, if it gets the job done with minimal headaches, I’m content.

screen-shot-2016-11-24-at-12-43-09-pmWell, no longer. It turns out that there is actually a product on the market called ‘Dessata Professional Detangling Brush’ that slides through your hair with the greatest of ease without pulling or breakage. I had heard about this style of brush and thought it was just a fad. No, the Dessata brush actually works and leaves you with a soft and shiny finish. Above all, this brush is a dream to use and without doubt helps the user relax while using it. For those with children, this will make grooming a breeze!

Check out their full range of brushes online!


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