Doctors Warn Cosmetic Fillers Could Leave You Blind

July 22, 2019

Journalist Christopher Harris interviews Dr Irene Kushelew (President Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery) and she highlights the risks associated with dermal fillers and the importance of an advanced trained injector.

Blindness complication from dermal fillers has nearly doubled in 12 months from 96 cases to 190! It’s important that cosmetic medical procedures are not trivialised and seen as a mere beauty treatment without risks. They are medical treatments and need to be treated as such. Our clinics’ priority is your safety coupled with beautiful results.

Don’t go for the cheapest. Know what is being injected and who and how qualified the injector is. Not all clinics or injectors have your best interests paramount. Many clinics have financial targets to reach and share holders expecting dividends, your best interests may not be at the forefront of treatment recommendations.

If you are being offered injectables at your hairdresser, brow tattooist, beauty therapist or a non medical clinic, be cautious and ask their qualifications, ask about their product choice, do they have emergency medication and equipment should a complication occur? Complications can occur even with the very best trained injector, with every precaution taken. Know the risks, be informed and have trust in your clinic and injector.

By Karen Shirley- Director, Principal Clinician/Injector of The Skin Clinicians

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