Fancy Feet For Autumn

March 31, 2017

Your feet have been working hard all summer – walking along the beach, bouncing in the waves, dancing whilst peeping prettily out of sparkly sandals and slouching around in thongs. With Autumn having just arrived you may think it’s the perfect time to hide your feet away, but it’s not quite boot wearing time yet ladies, at least not here in Brisbane.

Autumn is a time to think about changing from your bright summer nail polish, to ready your feet for the cooler weather and generally give your feet some love after being out and about all summer. I spoke to Kim, owner of  Tulip Nails, The Gap to find out the best ways to look after our feet and to talk colour trends of the season.

In Summer many people enjoy the brighter orange and pink colours on their toenails.

Kim says that in Autumn, “People prefer more berry and deep red shades on their toes.

Metallics are still in, but think modern metallics like a bronze or silvery platinum. Customers are also looking at deeper shades of blue, purple or perhaps even emerald green.” Green is one of the Pantone colours of the year. Jewel colours are on trend and there are hundreds of shades to choose from. When I was at the salon one lady chose a really deep purple which was almost black. It looked sensational.

If you are travelling, like I will be soon, Kim recommends Gel or Shellac nail colours as these will last much longer. To combat the drier air of Autumn Kim recommends a good exfoliation of the feet as well as using a richer moisturiser to combat dryness.

Most women in Autumn go for a shorter and rounder shape to their toenails as they’ll soon start to transition from sandals to closed in shoes and back again before we get to proper boot wearing weather. For me I have gone much shorter and for the colour I chose a a berry shade called ‘Koala Berry’. It’s deeper than I usually wear but still has a hint of pink which will be perfect with my transeasonal dressing.

If you tend to stick to the same shades of polish all the time why not try something different this season. You might surprise yourself with what suits your skin tone and your Autumn style of dressing. Do you have a favourite nail colour for Autumn?


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