Hair Trends for Autumn/ Winter 2019

March 6, 2019

Autumn is arriving here in Australia after a long , hot and sizzling summer. We’ve all been swimming, had our hair tied back to keep cool on the scorching days and battled with taming the frizz as the humidity just kept on rising. With Autumn comes a cool change, a more gentle time of year and an opportunity to untie the hair and let our luscious locks run free.

I spoke to Mel and Maddie from The Gap Hair Design to find out more about the latest Autumn Hair Trends.There are some delightful new colours to embrace, a multitude of new hair accessories in vogue and some new styling tools to make styling your hair easier than ever before.

In Autumn we tend towards darker shades in warmer tones. Mel explained that this Autumn the bold pinks and blue highlights of the past season will give way to softer hues. She advises us to, “ embrace the peach, apricot or salmon pink tones for an updated look whether you are a blonde, brunette or every shade in between. The platinum blonde of the past will also give way to a warmer blonde with more depth.”

Lady Gaga and Kylie Jenner have been snapped sporting apricot and peach tones.

Many women are now embracing their natural grey for a perfectly imperfect look. Our stylists explained, “ A modern coverage can add shine to your natural colour or you can add some high and low lights to soften your colour. Why not try a soft colour mask to enhance your natural shade. “

Balyage is still in fashion but it has been updated and is very soft and transitional, not the harsh contrast which was around in the past. I love the movement and highlights balyage gives to my own hair. Another big trend is contrasting roots. It creates a point of contrast and is also more low maintenance. It’s now okay to let your natural colour come through and celebrities like Rita Ora, Hailey Baldwin and Paris Jackson are embracing this trend.

You’ll see the beachy waves of Summer give way to more sleek looks for Autumn.The fashionable lob cuts have become shorter and brought up higher and this look can be changed by adding finger waves or the latest curtain fringe. For shorter hair, androgynous cuts are in vogue. You’ll see more structure in short cuts and the middle part makes an appearance in all hairstyles.

Autumn is a great time of year to experiment with hair accessories and everything old is new again when it comes to adding pieces to your hair. The scrunchie is back in a big way and I have already succumbed to one in a navy and white spot. Scrunchies are gentle on the hair and just glide on and off preventing breakage. Gorgeous and colourful head scarves, turbans and soft headbands are right on trend in a multitude of designs.

Exposed fancy bobby pins and clips will be on display and the flawless Gigi Hadid has already been photographed wearing a fluoro hair clip, just like we did back in the 80’s. Have fun with your hair this Autumn by adding your favourite hair accessory.

I asked our stylists about looks for more formal occasions. Both agreed that, “ Heidi braids are still going strong. Sleek straight looks and high buns are always on point, as are high ponytails and your power pony. Formal styles are less stiff, polished and way less formal, not so much product is being used to hold them. Most girls prefer a more natural look which is softer to the touch.”

In products opt for the drier style of texture sprays rather than a more claggy gel. Other products like Nak’s  Structureplex are leading the way in strengthening hair for Autumn by rebuilding the hair’s natural bonds. One of my favourite new tools was the GHD glide professional hot brush. It gives a sleek look in no time at all just by brushing your hair. Maddie demonstrated on me and had me at hello, for my thick hair takes a long time to style with my regular straightener at home. Just by brushing  the styling brush through my hair, it was straight , with no frizz , in half the time. I have already asked the family to buy me one for my birthday. The sleek looks coming through for Autumn will be made easier with this tool. It can create natural waves as well.

Products are becoming more natural and clients are now, more than ever, looking for products that are free from animal testing , with more natural rather than chemical ingredients. Products without harsh sulphates are best for your hair and your scalp.

Thanks to Mel and Maddie for all the great tips on Autumn Hair Trends. I know I’ll be following many of them.The Gap Hair Design is a family salon which caters to clients of all ages. Many of the clients are women in the 30- 60 age group.This Autumn they are offering a great Autumn package which includes a full colour, deluxe hydrating treatment, style, cut and blow dry from $137, perfect for taming those dehydrated summer locks.

Ultimately you need to find a hairstyle that suits your features and works with your personality, whilst also taking note of your own complexion and eye colour. An experienced stylist will be able to advise you, if you’re keen for an Autumn change. So tell me are you looking forward to Autumn? Which of the new hair trends will you be embracing this season?

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