Have You a Youthful Face but an Ageing Neck and Décolletage ?

April 3, 2018

Why start caring for your neck and décolletage?

Most of us pay careful attention to our faces when it comes to cleansing, moisturizing and sun protection. But how many pay attention to our neck and chest area?

The skin on our neck and décolletage is very fragile and produces less oil than our face, but receives the most sun exposure.

Neglecting the neck and décolletage results in premature ageing.

Regular SPF 50+, cleansing, nourishing of the area and wearing sun protective clothing all helps reduce the effects of the environment on our skin and slows the ageing process.

Chest wrinkles are another complaint of ageing made by many of our clients. What are these? They are wrinkles that form on the chest from side sleeping.

We recommend a specialist neck and décolletage cream like Revisions Necifirm Advanced (RRP $169) to nourish, Dermafrac skin needling with hydrating infusion and LED light therapy to stimulate collagen and elastin and strengthen the fragile skin, improve skin tone and texture and finally encourage side sleepers to sleep on their backs. Sleeping on your back will not only help reduce your chest sleep wrinkles but face sleep wrinkles too.

The Skin Clinicians is highlighting the Neck and Décolletage region this month offering a complimentary Revision Nectifirm Advanced valued at $169 with every Dermafrac skin needling treatment package.

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