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March 22, 2017

We all know that feeling. An event is coming up. You look in your packed wardrobe and nothing seems right. Local businesswoman, Kerri Phillips, has the answer. Her business – Brisbane Designer Hire for Women can supply a high fashion dress suitable for every occasion. From flowing Camilla kaftans for that poolside function through to elegant lace dresses suitable for the office party. Ladies lunch? How about a fun Charlie Brown dress or a fitted Carla Zampatti dress perfect for that special dinner date. Best of all, you save money and are helping save the planet by supporting sustainable fashion.

Who is Kerri?

Kerri is first and foremost a wife and mother whose greatest achievement is her children. She believes she can take a little bit of credit for the women they are becoming. Kerri keeps busy by being involved in her daughter’s school, studying part time for a Graduate Diploma in Economics, all whilst building up her new business venture.

Who do you admire?

In her daily life Kerri admires organised people and people who selflessly do good things for others. From a wider perspective Kerri has a huge admiration for people who triumph over adversity. Kerri clarifies, “I  guess triumph is the wrong word and survive is a better word. I’m thinking here of people like Rosie Batty and Bruce and Denise Morcombe. These people are true heroes, who have turned personal tragedy into a positive for others.”

Which things in life are most important to you?

“Having my children and losing my Dad have been defining moments in my life. Now I am driven by a desire for happiness, satisfaction and hopefully to be a good person. The key to my happiness is much the same as everyone else – a happy, healthy family, a healthy me, friends, the beauty of nature and of course, my morning coffee. My favourite Brisbane haunts for coffee are Merlo Torrefazione in Paddington or The Foxy Bean in East Brisbane.”

Kerri’s business provides a lot of happiness and satisfaction when her ladies find the ‘one’ perfect dress for their special occasion.

What good advice have you been given in your life?

In business Kerri  believes you must, “Never make decisions in anger and honesty is the best policy. I have believed this since I was a child.”

So you know that Kerri will never advise you to wear something that doesn’t suit you, your personality or the occasion.

About Brisbane Designer Hire for Women

Kerri has always been interested in fashion and it was after purchasing a brand new Zimmerman dress and never wearing it that the idea for her business came to fruition.

Kerri says, “I began doing some research and realised there was no-one hiring for the older age group or 25+ ladies. It just seemed logical and I love the small contribution my service makes to the environment by ‘sharing the wear’.”

Kerri’s customers can expect a premium service with premium garments.

Kerri explains, “Hiring an outfit is a new thing for this age group and I try  to make it a positive experience. I hope to make women comfortable by relating to them in a relaxed and friendly manner.”

What’s next for Kerri ?

In the coming years Kerri hopes to, “Concentrate on growing my business, definitely do more travelling and continue volunteering.”

How would you describe Brisbane?

When asked to describe Brisbane Kerri’s first response was, “hot, hot , hot , as well as relaxed, outdoors and emerging.”

What hopes do you have for the future?

Kerri encourages us all to be kind and hopes for, “World peace, yes seriously, plus making it to my own and my husband’s 85th birthdays.” Sounds like a plan to me (although I’m aiming for 100).

Kerri’s business, Brisbane Designer Hire for Women, can be found on Facebook where you can admire the beautiful frocks worn by some of her happy customers. So, why not make an appointment for your next special occasion. Brisbane Designer Hire for Women is local, affordable and will definitely stop that dreaded cry of, “I have nothing to wear.”


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