How To Look Even Better This Year!

January 19, 2017

The SheBrisbane team have been lucky enough to get a sneak peak at some tips & tricks from Australia’s leading makeup artist Napoleon Perdis in response to the beauty questions he gets asked the most.

  1. What are the major makeup trends you foresee over 2017?

2017 will see a surge of underground street culture and punk athleisure influence within fashion and beauty – understated cool to put it simply.

Modern street culture emulates an authentic and raw energy and is about the here and now. Makeup will lean towards minimal, luminous bases and accentuating your features organically. Skin care puts refining, toning and texture improvement at the forefront for a flawless canvas, or no base, depending on your mood.

Colour will be big again, but in deeper hues which look great on all hair, skin and eye colours. Rich berry, plum and wine mixed with emerald and forest green. Accentuate your lips or eyes, or both, there are no rules. Next season for Napoleon Perdis is one of my favourite seasons in many years as we’ve moved even farther away from trends being dictated by celebrities and social media. It’s real. It’s now. It’s international.

  1. How does this differ from the trends we saw in 2016?smokey-eye-to-camera

2016 was all about contouring, thick winged eyeliner and overdrawn bee-stung looking lips. Contouring here, contouring there, contouring your face, your chest, your legs, your dog, your grandmother – I think you get my point! It all became too suffocating and false. Makeup is supposed to accentuate your features, not mask them.

2017 at Napoleon Perdis is about celebrating independence. Independence in beauty, diversity in culture and being able to feel confident enough to bare all. By all, I mean apply a little bronzer, a lick of mascara and touch of gloss. It’s organic, raw and inspired by emotion and reactions, not riding the trends.

  1. What products will be essential in 2017?
  •        Anti-Pollution Toners – work to revitalise and improve the texture and tone of the skin, protect against skin pollutants, as well as give skin a glass-like finish.
  •        Lipstick – in every texture and colour imaginable – Metallic lips in particular
  •        SPF 50+ – Skin care and SPF remain number one when it comes to anti-ageing
  •        Primers – Calming, brightening, soothing and makeup longevity
  1. How do you see makeup application evolving over 2017?

2017 will continue to evolve makeup sponges, brushes and makeup formulas, however it’s all about the pro tools. Without giving too much away, our range of pro tools for 2017 are going to have every woman feeling like a professional in the comfort of her own home. It’s about controlled coverage, and time efficiency as not all women have half an hour to spend doing their makeup in the morning.

  1. NP has so many types of primers, are they all that different? What’s the key to buying one that suits your needs?

The Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot collection is designed to have something for all skin types and concerns from lackluster skin to redness, visible pores and shine control. The wide variety of formulas also allows you to customize your makeup prep, as something you have more than one concern to treat. To choose the primer that’s right for you, think about your skin type and concerns to identify what you’re counteracting or enhancing.

  1. You’ve seen a big rise in the popularity of colour-correcting primers. Why is this? Does using one mean we can ditch concealer?

Colour correcting primers are fab because they counteract things like redness and sallowness and can be worn with our without makeup. Pending the level of discolouration in your skin, a colour correcting primer may do all the work for you, meaning you might not actually need to use foundation or concealer, however the sheer nature of the tint won’t cover larger blemishes and spots.

  1. Are some primers better suited to some skin types? Any tips on what primer to buy for dry skin as opposed to oily skin etc.

The great thing about the Auto Pilot collection is that the formulas have hidden secrets like hydrating and skin conditioning ingredients, so they can double as a moisturiser and a primer which is great for oily skin that only needs light nourishment. Dry skin might need to rely on more than a primer for optimal nourishment, so this is where the use of a serum or moisturiser before your primer will benefit your routine.

So there you have it, tips & tricks from the makeup icon himself. Naturally Napoleon considers his products are best but like a few of the SheBrisbane girls you may have your own alternative in mind.

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