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January 24, 2017

The SheBrisbane team gets excited when we come across new beauty treatments, so when we were introduced to a facial product said to be the ‘best anti-ageing gadget’ on offer, we had to share…

The ReFa CARAT is specifically designed to mimic the kneading techniques of professional facialists and aestheticians, enabling you to easily achieve improved skin elasticity and tone.

Facial-lovers will be pleased to know that they can now achieve the same revitalised glow on their skin without even leaving their home. Just in time for summer, W Cosmetics is introducing the ReFa brand into the Australian market. Used for just a few minutes every day, the ReFa CARAT skincare tool will allow you to obtain the results of a professional spa treatment, DIY.

image001The benefits of using ReFa CARAT Platinum Electronic Roller include:

  •         Boosts moisture levels
  •         Improves blood circulation
  •         Tightens enlarged pores
  •         Improves skin texture
  •         Reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  •         Shapes and contours facial/body lines

The double spherical drainage rollers create multiple pressure spots and imitate the motions of a lymphatic drainage facial massage by firmly pulling up and gently releasing the skin to eliminate toxins and excess fluids.

The platinum-coated rollers also convert light from the solar panel generating a micro-current that helps tone facial muscles gently and gradually from deep within the skin’s dermis; resulting in firmer, more sculpted facial contours.

The Refa CARAT also entirely waterproof, so that you can use it in the shower safely.

The ReFa CARAT is RRP $349.00 and available online or at W Cosmetics stores in George Street, Sydney, Westfield Hurstville or the Macquarie Centre in North Ryde.

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