Meet Jilly Marsden

March 6, 2019

Jilly Marsden designs bespoke jewellery for the modern woman. Following on from a successful career as a hair stylist, Jill has turned her passion for art and jewellery into a successful jewellery design business which is now generating buzz around the world.

Jilly first began creating in her home workshop before selling her designs to enthusiastic friends, at pop -up events and school art shows. Her unique designs are now found online, in boutiques and have been worn by some of Australia’s most stylish women. After wearing Jilly’s designs at the recent Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week I was won over by their versatility, uniqueness and lightweight but stand out designs. SheSociety spoke to Jilly Marsden to find out more.

Jilly Marsden has been a hairdresser for 37 years. She created a bespoke home studio after her marriage ended so that she could always be around for her two sons. Having just lost her Dad and with no family nearby, juggling everything was quite a handful. Yet this also enabled Jilly to begin exploring her artistic and creative side. She incorporated an art space into her studio for as she says, “ What lady doesn’t like a bit of bling and dazzle?”

From her early experiments Jilly enrolled in design courses and her business Jilly Marsden Designs grew organically.

I asked about Jill’s inspiration and she credits her boys, “ I guess it was a case of monkey see, monkey do! I wanted my sons to learn that if you do what you love and enjoy, things happen and situations may evolve and before you know it your dreams may come to fruition. I also wanted them to see that if you stick with things they can eventually transpire into something. “

Jilly’s designs are completely unique and I asked about her design process. Jilly explains, “ I hand make all pieces. I use sterling silver, gold, rolled gold, copper and brass. I pair these with pearls, sapphires, rubies and diamonds. My pieces have a rustic, timeless feel. I like each piece to have its own story or feeling. No two pieces are identical, even the range I have online. All pieces in the collection are individually cut out by hand and pieced together before being finished manually. They are timeless and classically stylish with a unique edginess.”

Jilly’s  favourite materials to work with are, “ Gold… it feels fabulous in your fingers and hands and also sapphires and diamonds.”

I know many fashionable Brisbane women who wear Jilly’s unique designs. Nikki Parkinson from  Styling You , journalist Kylie Lang , stylist Liz Golding and newsreader Melissa Downes are just a few who’ve been snapped sporting Jilly Marsden Designs. All are champions of our local designers. I asked Jilly about the typical woman who wears Jilly Marsden Designs and she says, “ I design for the woman who dares to be an individual and stand out from the crowd, whether it be a subtle or bold, stylish statement. “

Jilly has recently had some real pinch me moments. “ In January I was contacted by Carly Vidal Wallace. She wanted to wear the Midnight earrings in gold to accessorise her stunning George Wu gown for the Gidday USA Gala in L A. I was blown away to be chosen from all the designers in Australia.”

They looked beautiful and many of you would have seen the stories about Carly (who was the founder of Brisbane Fashion Month and is now kicking goals in the U. S. and globally) in the Courier Mail.

Carly Vidal Wallace

“I have also been contacted by a stylist from Channel 10 and I have sent some earrings to them which will be worn by Lisa Wilkinson, Sarah Harris and other TV personalities nationally. I received a fabulous message from the Channel 10 stylist to say they were all stunning and they loved them.”  

Look out for Jilly Marsden Designs on your favourite personalities in the coming weeks.

She Society were excited when Jilly said, “I was absolutely honoured to be asked to provide jewellery to match the White Label Noba Designs worn at the recent Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week.”

I can attest that the jewellery was admired throughout the Shows and quite a few stylists and influencers now have Jilly’s designs on their radar.

Jilly finds some  inspiration by looking at the famous fashion houses, “ I watch the large fashion houses as they release their collections. Chanel is amazing in the way they have kept the original Coco Chanel style with lots of twists and turns. It would be my dream to visit and wander through all the areas of their establishment. It’s such amazing craftsmanship!

I’m inspired by travel to Italy, Europe and of course, New York. I’m also inspired by Pinterest, Instagram and old movies. I listen to my clients about what is important to them and design with their suggestions for ease, comfort and style in mind. I like perfectly imperfect designs.”

Jilly’s own personal style follows her perfectly, imperfect mantra, “ If you feel good in what you’re wearing, you look great.” She admires the style of Kate Hudson, Margot Robbie and Kate Winslett and would love to see them sporting her designs.

Jill explains, “I’m a little bit of a boho in some ways…. I would have loved to have been a hippie in the 60’s.” Her mantra is “ Stay true and be you and own it. I am enough.”

Jilly’s unique designs are timeless slow fashion pieces which never go out of style. Wearers  can expect more amazing designs in the future yet all will still be imbued with Jilly’s individual signature. Jilly Marsden Designs are available at Hummingbirdtheshop in Paddington, Luther and Co in Newrybar in NSW and online at . Jilly Marsden is another talented Brisbane woman who is finding success by following her passion, developing her skills and designing unique jewellery loved by women craving individuality, versatility and modern, wearable designs and that is why #SheInspires.