SunSoaked Soiree For The Melanoma Institute Australia Honouring Emma Betts

September 14, 2017

Melanoma challenge

We all hear about this highly malignant and aggressive form of skin cancer characterised by the uncontrolled growth of melanocytes, the pigment producing cells in skin, hair and eyes and is the deadliest form of skin cancer, with one Australian dying from advanced melanoma every five hours.

Clinical trials hope

This week it was announced that results from two international clinical trials conducted by investigators at Melanoma Institute Australia were presented at one of the world’s largest oncology conferences in Spain. Until now Stage III melanoma patients who have had their tumours surgically removed, have had to play the waiting game to see if it had spread. The clinical trials suggest that we may be able to stop the disease in its tracks and prevent it from spreading. Ultimately the researches objective is to make it a chronic rather than a terminal disease.

Emma Betts understood the importance of fund raising events

Fund raiser events are vital and it was an honour, on behalf of SheBrisbane, to attend the SunSoaked Soiree for the Melanoma Institute Australia honouring Emma Betts, who lost her melanoma battle at the tender age of twenty-five on 8 April 2017. Emma’s legacy and spirit continues as related by Sally Steele from My Style and by host Emily Jade O’Keefe of 102.9 Hot Tomato on the day.

Our guest speaker, retired swimmer Julie McDonald OAM, reinforced the packed audience about thought provoking issues taken from her own experience as a survivor of a Stage II melanoma removed from her back in 1997. In a conversation with Julie I became immediately aware that she is a passionate advocate in prevention of all health conditions. Julie continuous her motivational journey as an advocate and mentor to help people physically, mentally and spiritually.

Something for the guests

Emma would have been proud to witness the SunSoaked Soiree, set in a luscious tropical environment surrounded by green palms and white bamboo outdoor lounge chairs. We all had fun with photos taken by the Good Vibes GIF Booth as Kelly Nieves
instructed patrons how to immediately upload pics onto social media.

Guests were treated to an exclusive viewing of the latest range of the chic sun safe swim and resort wear with 25+, 50+, 60+ UPF protection, manufactured in five ranges of prints and solids. There are six different styles of one-piece swimsuits and the models, young and old, were “real women”. The models in the older age groups (i.e. 50 – 70’s) looked fabulous with their younger counterparts as they elegantly strutted their stuff along the balcony runway in outfits by Emma’s dear friend, local designer ‘Kate’.

Kate has taken into consideration our need to cover “those bad bits” on our arms and legs. I could not thank her enough for including the old ducks like myself in her designs! My only problem was which outfit to purchase. Thankfully, we can buy online as well as at specific retail outlets.

Needless to say refreshing canapés were served at the Colonial Bar, Port Office Hotel with champers and summer cocktails. Other behind the scenes contributors provided final touches to an enjoyable afternoon. Albeit a bitter sweet cause, everyone embraced the moments and intermingled in the women’s network. Towards the end of the day we were all given sponsored gift bags full of treats.

We will always remember you

It was a heart-felt emotional soiree to raise funds in memory of our Dear Emma. Her dying wish was to spare others of her fate and for her family to continue with her legacy, to promote sun safe behaviour and raise funds for melanoma research. Recent research could mean that Emma’s dream for others may be fulfilled.

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