The Answers Behind Your Favourite Sheet Masks

March 19, 2018

With the current wave of sheet masks we are seeing flooding through our supermarket or pharmacy shelves, the team here at #SheSociety decided to do some digging and we found the best in the business Skin Republic.

We had the chance to chat with the creators of Skin Republic on the creation of the brand and what is next for them moving forward.

Tell us about the start of Skin Republic, what inspired you to create the range?

Skin Republic is founded on the belief that everyone has the right to beautiful skin. We were inspired by the skin-care centric regimes of Korea women who view caring for their skin as the ultimate investment. Most perform an intricate 10-step cleansing and moisturising routine – every single night and which almost always ends in the use of an ultra-hydrating sheet mask.   

 The ingredients include things like charcoal, hyaluronic acid, 24K Gold, witch hazel and Vitamin C; how do these ingredients work?

 Charcoal acts as a magnet drawing out dirt and toxins from the skin’s pores making it an excellent skin purifier. Activated charcoal is so effective that its proven to adsorb 200 times its own mass in dirt and oil.

Hyaluronic Acid molecules have the unique ability to carry a 1,000 times their weight in water, more than any other biological substance. Hyaluronic Acid is also a “smart nutrient” as it can adjust its moisture absorption rate based on the humidity – relative to the season and the climate. This improves your skin’s moisture content whilst at the same time strengthening your skin’s barrier, helping your skin to look and feel softer, smoother, and plumper.

24K Gold- The ions present in gold help stimulate the skin’s cells, improving blood circulation, leaving skin looking lit from within. Gold also helps slow down the depletion of collagen helping to reduce the visible signs of aging.

Witch Hazel is one of the oldest cosmetic ingredients and offers a variety of skin benefits. It not only helps with controlling water loss but is also an excellent astringent. It also helps to stabilise the barrier function of the skin, reducing skin redness and has antioxidant properties.

Vitamin C is one of the world’s most effective skin brightening ingredients helping to reduce pigmentation and dark spots. It is also rich in antioxidants helping to slow down the rate of free-radical damage for environmental factors such as the sun, pollution and oxygen.  

Sheet masks are becoming more popular in the beauty world, what do you think makes Skin Republic stand out?

Our unwavering commitment to quality and innovation. Our R&D team is continually developing products which go above and beyond consumer expectations whilst maintaining our core principals of ethically sourced ingredients and no animal testing.

 What’s next for Skin Republic? Will you branch out from the masks?

We’re experience a paradigm shift in the world of beauty where consumers are expecting more from their skin care products with hybrid beauty products having a big moment. We are very excited to be launching our first mud/sheet mask hybrid which is essentially a sheet mask infused with mud – so you’re getting all the great purifying benefits of a mud mask with the convenience of a sheet mask. These masks are infused with active ingredients such as volcanic ash, pink clay and green tea offering a luxurious spa experience in the comfort of your own home! 

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