The beauty product I can’t live without

February 19, 2016

I go through phases with everything, especially my make up and skin care. But there is one product that only recently came onto my radar that I can’t live without—Fiber Lash Mascara! I know, it sounds kind of scary, but it really works.

So, this is the deal… there are two wands, the first has a gel, which coats the lashes (like regular mascara), then the second wand is filled with loose fibers that brush over the lashes and give you instant Kim Kardashian lashes. Ok, maybe they aren’t quite that intense but close enough.

The fibers lengthen and add much needed volume to your lashes. Then all you need to do is add another coat of the gel to seal them.

They last all day, don’t give you panda eyes and are a great alternative to lash extensions.

I have to admit, I was a sceptic at first, but I’m sold on it. Don’t think I will be going back to regular mascara anytime soon.

Try it, let me know what you think.

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