The Major 90s Trends Making Comebacks

August 30, 2019

Claw Clips

Nowadays these clips are used to hold your hair up when you don’t want to get it wet in the shower, but in the ’90s, these babies were the ultimate chic hair accessory. (Jennifer Aniston’s character Rachel Greene in Friends was an avid fan.)

Bike Shorts

Spandex bike shorts were perfect to wear in or out of the gym, and even figures like Madonna and Princess Diana were fans of the style. They’ve recently been welcomed back into the fashion fold thanks to Kim Kardashian.

Bucket Hats

Bucket hats were one of those divisive trends — you either loved them or wouldn’t be caught dead in one. What was your stance?

Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Exaggerated cat-eye frames really peaked in the ’90s. Now, the style is more modern, as evidenced by this tortoiseshell pair Selena Gomez paired with a navy off-the-shoulder dress.

Fanny Packs/Bum Bags

Fanny packs bore the brunt of many fashion jokes, but in the ’90s they were revered as a brilliant way to carry all your sh*t hands free. Today, these genius belt bags are back with a vengeance, spotted on everyone from style bloggers to Kendall Jenner.

Platform Sneakers

Platform sneakers were definitely for those who loved the comfort of sneakers but still wanted to look six inches taller — Baby Spice was a huge fan. Gucci helped bring the ’90s trend back with its multicolour striped platform sneakers (pictured here), along with brands like Superga, Converse, and Vans, which also offer platform versions of their popular shoes.


If you had vivid memories of getting ready for elementary school, you likely remember throwing one of these babies in your hair.

Slip Dresses

Delicate slip dresses were a staple in every ’90s girl’s closet — just ask Kate Moss and Courtney Love. Today, everyone from Hailey Baldwin to Emily Ratajkowski are fans of the style, which often is paired with layered choker necklaces — another very ’90s look.


Anyone who walked upright during the ‘90s knows how much fun these things were and here they are coming back! Check out our favourites here!

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