The Skincare Range Revolutionising Your Regime

November 6, 2018

In a crowded market with endless brands and products to choose from, perfecting your skincare regime in Australia is like navigating a minefield. Our skin is our largest organ and with constant exposure to the harsh Australian elements – it needs adequate protection, hydration and moisturisation. Considering that our skin is genetically unique, how do we choose the best products to maximise the results of our skincare regime? It took years of research, a strong international team of scientists and a Nobel-Prize winning revolutionary ingredient to give us the answer.

Founded in Taiwan in 2015 after years of research and development in their own laboratory, Juva Skincare blends the best of Eastern elements with the lastest and greatest Western technology to create a simple skincare line that is inspired by nature and carried out by some serious science. With a mission to provide effective products that are both gentle and mild, the Juva Skincare reserach and development department is made up of a team of experienced scientists who worked cohesively towards one goal – to create a skincare line that utilises Nobel-Prize winning material, Fullerene, as it is 172 times more effective in antioxidant ability when compared to Vitamin C. After discovering the most stable form of Fullerene, that is highly effective in neutralising free radicals, the revolutionary Juva Skincare range was formulated

When it comes to your personal skincare regime, Juva Skincare understand that once we have navigated the minefield that is the beauty market in Australia and found products suitable to our personal skin type, some of us may be hesitant in changing up a skincare routine that we feel works. For this reason, Juva Skincare have cleverly developed a skincare range that not only works by itself but also strengthens and compliments the use of subsequent skincare products and cosmetics. The revolutionary ingredient, Fullerene, not only ensures regenerated and radiant skin, it also aids in increasing the absorption of other skincare products – essentially making your current skincare regime more effective by maximising the impact that it has.

The Juva Skincare collection boasts a luxurious salon-grade rejuvenating elixir, the Brightening Enhancer, a restorative serum as the Brightening Essenceand an oil-controlled hydrating Brightening Lotion. The revolutionary collection is effective in fighting five main skin concerns of wrinkles, dull skin, sallowskin, large pores and lack of elasticity. Linking the East to the West, the range is formulated with Eastern super-ingredient, white jelly fungus, to retain moisture and prevent skin damage. This combined with the power of the smaller Fullerene molecules that penetrate deeper into the skin with a very high concentration of active ingredients ensures that Juva Skincare will not only leave your skin radiant, moisturised and protected it will also aid in diminishing dark spots for a more refreshed and even complexion.

In the age of speed and brand loyalty, Juva Skincare provides flexibility and time with the most advanced technology so your skincare regime is simple and effective. Packaged in recycled materials, Juva Skincare is alcohol free, artificial flavour free, articifcial fragrance fee and toluene free with mild but effective ingredients.

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What is Fullerene?

  • Water-soluble fullerene is a molecule of 60 carbon atoms arranged in a hollow sphere. The water-soluble fullerene dissolves in water. The fullerene molecule doesn’t dissolve in water unless under special treatment.
  • Although Fullerene exists in nature and even in meteorites, the amount is too little to be used. Many scientists from around the world work on the project of producing fullerene in large amounts.
  • A unique technique is needed to make fullerene water-soluble. Special attention is required at every step of the process to ensure the water-soluble fullerene is not toxic.
  • Water-soluble fullerene liquid is amber coloured. If the product contains more than 1% of fullerene, the product will be yellow in colour. The higher the levels of fullerene, the redder it becomes.
  • If products claim they contain fullerene but the product looks purple in colour, the fullerene may be toxic.
  • The amount of fullerene can only be examined by FTIR (Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy)
  • Antioxidant help to eliminate free radicals, which are a by-product of human metabolism and a cause of ageing. External factors like staying up late, smoking, drinking and negative emotion like stress is known to increase free radical production. Fullerene, an ingredient that received a Nobel prize, has an antioxidant capacity that is 172 time higher than that of Vitamin C.
  • When compared to other antioxidant ingredients, Fullerene remains stable under high temperatures or in highly contaminated environments.
  • The tiny molecule of fullerene is Nano in size and can be absorbed by the skin easily, especially when paired with other products.
  • Fullerene can solve skin problems from the root
  • Other anti-radical ingredients like L-ascorbic acid, Polyphenol, Superoxide Dismutase and Super Phyco-Dismutase are different to Fullerene as:

o L-ascorbic acid undergoes degradation easily and therefore needs to be kept in acid products. However, the acidity irritates and even prickles skin. L-ascorbic acid is only active for about three months.

o Polyphenol can’t be absorbed by the skin as easily because of the bigger molecule size when compared to Fullerene.

o Superoxide Dismutase is also bugger in size and can’t be absorbed by the skin easily.

Furthermore, it is not a stable ingredient. The anti-oxidant capacity is limited because the structure is often damaged in production.

  • Fullerene clears free radicals by neutralising the unpaired electrons of the free radical to get them into stable states:

o A free radical is an atom or molecule that is originally in a stable state and becomes an atom or molecule containing unpaired electrons. Meaning there is either an additional electron or one missing. The reason free radicals are destructive is that when this molecule is in an asymmetrical state, it will take away electrons from surrounding cells to make a pair with it’s own electrons and turn into a stable state.

  • Fullerene can neutralise free radicals that are generated from ultraviolet rays, control the formation of Tyrosinase and reduce melanin production.
  • Fullerene is powerful in oil control, balancing oil production and anti-inflammation.

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