Top 5 Fashion Trends From Paris

May 15, 2017

Spring / Summer 2017

Don’t worry I haven’t forgotten all my lovely SheBrisbane readers as I swan around Paris. I’ve been doing exhaustive research (that’s code for shopping) to find the latest trends that we can expect to be hitting our shores next Spring/ Summer. Here are the top five trends I’ve noticed.

1.My favourite-PINK. In every shade, in every type of garment – from blouses, dresses, jackets, and jeans through to handbags from every major collection. Pink is the hottest colour right now. Pair it with denim of every kind and you have a winning combination.

2.Denim-Skinny jeans are always in fashion in Paris but this year a few new shapes are beginning to emerge. Skinny ripped boyfriend jeans in a light wash or black were being worn by all the cool girls for Spring/Summer. The most ‘now’ shape were a slightly loose fit that were cropped and frayed about three inches above the ankle. Pair with metallic courts for the true edge factor.

3.Ruffles- If the ruffle conjures up visions of Little Bo Peep it’s time to think again. Ruffles are on everything from blouses and skirts to jackets and even jeans. In fact all denim is getting the ruffles makeover. Paired with the right pieces this may be the most flattering trend you buy all year.Look out for light denim jeans with a ruffled hem.

4.Metallics- Metallic everything is right on trend in Paris right now. Sneakers particularly are being given the metallic makeover. (Phew, lucky I took my trusty silver Frankie 4’s!). The selection is endless, comfortable and very practical  and pretty for zooming across the cobblestones. Try metallic handbags, nails, tees and stilettos. Team silver with gingham for a really on trend combination.

5.Handbags- Pink, pink and more pink again at every price point for every collection. Many brands (Coach, Dior, Prada) are all incorporating a versatile russet or burnt orange colour in their ranges. There are still plenty of blue bags on show, particularly in a royal or electric blue and metallics of every hue-rose gold, silver and pink metallic shades are available in every eye catching style.

So, these will be the Parisian trends heading to our shores soon. Most of these will be able to be incorporated into your existing wardrobes and the ruffles, if you’re not sure just try a tee with a ruffled hem. For now I’m off to London on the Eurostar to do more research… Will need to buy another suitcase for that.

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