Top Tips For Healthy Glowing Summer Skin

February 8, 2018

Former Miss World Australia, Erin Holland, has shared with SheSociety her top tips for healthy skin for summer time!

  1. Protect your skin from damaging UV rays, even on overcast days we’re at risk of sun damage. I use Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Fluid under my make-up every day as part of my morning beauty routine. The sunscreen combines skin and sun care, meaning my skin isn’t left feeling oily or greasy.
  2. If you want a tanned look, book in for a faux glow. That way you can get the tan you want without the damaging UV exposure.
  3. Stay hydrated, the more water you drink the better. Aim for 1.5 litres a day to avoid your skin and body getting dehydrated.
  4. Make sure you moisturise morning and night with Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel. The Gel has a refreshing, silky gel formula that provides long lasting, intense moisture. There’s nothing worse than dry skin on a hot summer’s day.
  5. You can only look good on the outside if you feel good and are taking care of the inside. Make sure you add plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet to glow from the inside out!

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