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February 16, 2018

As we grow older, the health of our bones, joints, muscles and teeth often deteriorate. We need more than just calcium to keep us strong.

Lumity’s two-step, innovative supplement not only addresses issues with hair, skin and nails, but it also helps strengthen the body from the inside out.

SheSociety had a chat with the brain behind Lumity, Dr Sara Palmer Hussey, and asked her some questions about the creation of the range.

Dr Sara Palmer Hussey
  • Tell us about the beginning of Lumity, what inspired you to create the range? 

I was inspired to start researching ageing based on my own needs as a woman in my late thirties. I had noticed the usual signs of ageing: greying hair, expression lines, etc., but these were not really affecting my quality of life. The symptoms that were really impacting the way I felt on a daily basis were low energy levels, hormonal imbalances and, worse of all, a weak immune system that meant I was frequently under the weather. I wanted to find a way to tangibly bolster the foundation of my health, strengthen my immune system, improve energy production in my body on a cellular level so that my days would not consist of a series of energy slumps. I desperately wanted to nudge my body back somehow towards a level of youthful efficiency that would make me feel and look my best again. I wanted to feel on top of my days, alive and thriving, rather than barely surviving. I knew that in order to enjoy rather than dread the years ahead of me, I had to identify the most effective nutritional support to maintain a strong level of health, vitality and balance, so that I could give the best of myself on a daily basis without feeling drained.

  • What is the difference in the morning and evening capsules? 

Lumity’s unique 2-step supplement offers the right nutritional support at the right time to help you look and feel your best all day, every day. The teams of carefully-calibrated nutrients contained in the day and night formulations come together to target different areas of health: immune support, vitality and brain health, skin, nails and hair, bones, joints, muscles and teeth, metabolism and absorption, as well as, protection against oxidative damage. Lumity is the only supplement on the market that takes into account the body’s natural circadian rhythm by acknowledging the very different modes of functioning the body has between day and night. The morning capsules bolster the active daytime mode, focusing on energy, protection and strong support, while the night capsules harness the regenerative properties of the body’s sleep cycle that is focused on healing and repair.

  • In the age of wellness supplements and skincare oils, what do you think makes Lumity stand out?

Lumity has a unique perspective in product development. My departure point is a deep respect for the body’s innate intelligence – the body already has very sophisticated processes in place to counterbalance ageing and maintain optimum health. Our job is to support what the body is already doing and ensure that it has the right nutrients it needs to function well. Lumity works in balance with the body, following its lead, harnessing its cycles and supporting its intrinsic drive towards health. Targeted nourishment is key whether from the inside out, with our supplement, or from the outside in, with our facial oil, in order to gently and cumulatively support the body’s youthful efficiency, which is crucial to maintaining glowing health and radiant beauty through the years. 

Most other anti-ageing supplements on the market are focused on delivering megadoses of antioxidants. I don’t think this is the answer. Antioxidants neutralise free radicals, for example, which can cause oxidative damage. However, free radicals are only one part of a bigger picture that results in ageing. Antioxidants alone cannot deliver tangible improvements. The answer lies in studying all the systems the body itself already has in place to counteract ageing and supporting those systems with a more targeted nutritional approach that gently works with the body on a daily basis rather than shunting the body off-balance with unmeasured doses.  

Lumity also stands out because it offers tangible benefits to real women. I love that our brand celebrates and empowers real women. I think women have so much on their plate in their daily lives and often aren’t always able to integrate all the health advice with which we are bombarded on a daily basis. I didn’t want Lumity to be another wellness brand that paints an idyllic, often unattainable, life of green smoothies for breakfast followed by yoga on a beach when most of us have mornings that are the complete opposite (i.e. rushing out of the door with a coffee, getting the kids to school, hoping you’ve not forgotten some vital piece of your day, etc). Instead, I would like to think that Lumity champions women, lets them know that they’re doing a great job, they don’t need to overhaul their life to feel and look great, we meet them right where they are. Lumity is an easy commitment to integrate into your day. The facial oil is anot

her moment of easy self-care with great results. I see the image of Lumity, for example, as a snapshot of a vibrant woman in action in the midst of her day, probably juggling too many commitments between family and work, but with Lumity’s support, she looks strong and happy and has the health, energy and enthusiasm she needs to relish the life she is living.

  • Who can take Lumity

Anyone over 18 can take Lumity. However, it is specifically formulated for those of us who have started to experience ageing. I would recommend it from the first signs of ageing through to being a constant ally through the years that gives you the right nutritional support for health, vitality and beauty. With a strong immune system, strong energy, beautiful skin, hair and nails and optimum health, you have the support to feel your best every day and that’s something I, as a consumer of Lumity, would not want to be without.

  • What’s next for Lumity?

We have just launched our facial oil, which sold out within days of launching. It is now back in stock and we are receiving great reviews. It is 100% natural, a perfectly-balanced blend of 32 nourishing plant oils, extracts and essential oils, rich in antioxidant polyphenols, vitamins and minerals, lycopene, resveratrol and coenzyme Q10, as well as regenerative amino acids and omega 3-6-9 fatty acids. This one product provides the full range of optimal nourishment the skin craves for 24/7 glowing health – your skin has never been loved like this before.

My plan for Lumity is to provide women with a very small and easy capsule collection of one-stop solutions that will simplify their self-care routine with the best, most nourishing and highest-quality products on the market. So far, we have one multi-funtional supplement and one all-encompassing skin moisturising product for all skin types that replaces all other creams, serums and potions. Next up will be a cleanser that will replace your eye make-up remover, your exfoliator, your mask and your face wash in one product. Watch this space

Lumity has now launched in Australia, and you can get your own range here!

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