Belly Bliss at Blackbird

September 8, 2016

Blackbird restaurant
Blackbird restaurant

I was recently asked to choose a restaurant for a dinner catch up with friends who were stopping by BrisVegas on their honeymoon tour. I asked what their budget was, and when they said they just wanted a good meal, I gleefully booked us in to Blackbird, which I have been dying to try for years.

Highlights: Herb crusted saddle of lamb with spicy eggplant relish, yoghurt + cucumber salad

My favourite: Pheasant tortellini with creamed wintergreens and black garlic

Tips: Splurge and enjoy!


Poached pumpkin gnocchi with tiger prawn
Poached pumpkin gnocchi with tiger prawn

It was basically love at first sight. The restaurant overlooks the Story Bridge, much to the delight of my tourist friends, and the décor is all plush chairs, fancy lights and gold wallpaper. You can’t help but be impressed by good-looking gold wallpaper.

The prices were what you can expect from any high-end restaurant and I feel we got what we paid for – especially when you consider how many refills I requested of the breadbasket.

Our waiter, Richie, was graciously considerate of my friend Rosie’s severe dairy intolerance, and had the kitchen modify the Poached Pumpkin Gnocchi and Tiger Prawn so she wasn’t restricted to salad starters.

Goose and duck pate
Goose and duck pate

Once again, I couldn’t go past the Goose and duck pâté, and finding myself at a table of people either unwilling or unable to try it, I downed the whole generous pat with the accompaniment of a surprising Roussane. Bliss.

Between us we ordered the Wood Grilled Swordfish, Pheasant Tortellini, Black Angus Scotch Fillet and Herb Crusted Saddle of Lamb, and I managed to sneak a bite of each.

Black Angus
Black Angus Scotch Fillet

They were all expertly and caringly prepared and provided in decent-sized portions. Beautiful in appearance, texture and flavour, the designer Tortellini was my favourite, although only available in a starter size.

The Egg Custard Tartlet with Butterscotch was the ideal end to the meal, although I managed to find room to try someone else’s Warm Manjari Chocolate Tart as well, and it was worth the squeeze in my stomach.

Warm Manjari Chocolate Tart
Warm Manjari Chocolate Tart

My budget can’t stretch to a regular meal at Blackbird but luckily a treat like this is best enjoyed sporadically, so you can fully appreciate the details that are carefully combined to create the sensation of indulgence.

A special shout out to our waiter, Richie, who accommodated our endless questions, requests and photo taking with a cheerful smile.



The info:

Riverside Centre, 123 Eagle Street, Brisbane
Click through to the website for the menu. Tel: 3229 1200
Opening hours restaurant: Mon – Sun | 12.00pm – 3.30pm | 6.00pm – Late
Opening hous bar: Mon – Sun | 11.30pm – Late

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