Emma’s Healthy Chicken Schnitzel & Sweet Potato Mash

June 11, 2016

I managed to create a very tasty chicken schnitzel, even if I do say so myself

This recipe was the result of a hunt for a healthy recipe that would satiate my comfort food cravings. Most searches for quick, healthy dinner ideas produce a wealth of salad options, but in this blanket-wearing weather, salad just doesn’t hit the spot.

A few disclaimers:

  1. I am known for my eating abilities, rather than my cooking abilities;
  2. I used Gravox; and,
  3. I have never penned a recipe before.

Still with me? Great. Well, despite all this I managed to create a very tasty chicken schnitzel, even if I do say so myself. This crispy winter warmer indulged all my foodie desires and left me feeling full but not heavy; the sign of a meal that’s good in more ways than one.


Chicken breast 1 breast per person
Almond and flax meal $5.99 at Coles
Spices & flavour In this case: sesame seeds, garlic powder, diced onions, sea salt and cayenne pepper
2 eggs Whisked
Sweet potato 1 medium potato per person
Butter I opted for Nuttelex light
Gravy 98% Fat Free Gravox Chicken Supreme powder
Vegetable Broccoli, green beans, or whatever takes your fancy
Mushrooms As an extra for gravy if you wish
Olive oil Amount varies according to health goals
Scene of the crime
Scene of the crime


  1. Clean the sweet potato thoroughly or peel if desired. Cut into portions and set to boil for 20 minutes
  • Peeling, shmeeling, I like to leave the skin on for a sweet potato ‘smash’
  1. To prepare chicken crumb seasoning mix three-parts almond meal to one-part sesame seeds, one-part diced onions, one-part garlic powder, a hearty dash of sea salt and a teaspoon of cayenne pepper. Place on a plate, ready for the crumbing stage
  2. Flatten chicken breasts with a rolling pin
  • I used a big mug and it worked a treat. No rolling pins here

    My trusty mug aka rolling pin
    My trusty mug aka rolling pin
  • One chicken breast flattens out ginormously, so you might want to slice in half horizontally if you’re not a greedy guts like me
  1. Submerge the chicken breast in the whisked egg, then press into the prepared crumb mixture on both sides. Place in fridge for about ten minutes
  2. Place veggies of choice on to steam until they have reached desired firmness
  3. Drain and mash sweet potato, adding butter and salt to taste
  • I threw in a bit of garlic powder for good measure
  1. Heat olive oil in a large frying pan and fry schnitzels for about five minutes on either side or until cooked through

    Schnitty in a pan
    Schnitty in a pan
  • At least, you will need to coat the pan; I used about two tablespoons per fillet
  1. Sautee mushrooms in a saucepan with salt and water until soft. Add water and gravy powder as per directions
  • If you have a wholesome, easy and quick gravy recipe please hook me up
  1. Serve and enjoy!

The diced onion burns quickly, so I suggest leaving them out of the crumb mixture and adding to the mash for a bit of crunch. I’ve heard that lemon pepper and mustard powder also make for tasty crumbs, so stay tuned for schnitzel fest take two!


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