The baby’s nursery: a big, happy mess

I am now into my third trimester and feeling a combination of excitement, anticipation around managing two kids and lower back pain. Everything is going well and I think I need to start packing my hospital bag. Should I include my crochet […]

Six must-have winter fashion items

With the nights getting darker earlier and the mornings getting cooler, it’s time to start looking at your winter wardrobe. I know it seems like winter is not coming, but best to be prepared. So, let’s begin: Before you go shopping … […]

Buying art – what, how and where

If ever you’ve watched The Block or Reno Rumble you’d know that art plays a huge part of interior designing a room. If you’re looking to add character to your home or preparing it to go on the market, art can change […]

CLOSED: Win tickets to Queen of the Desert

This competition has now closed. Congratulations to our winners: Judy Higgins, Kristin Ward, Irene McGeels, Sergeja Bosanac, Nicole Hughes, Melina Hall, Pete Matheos, J’aimee Brooker, Sonja French and Paic.bk. Starring Nicole Kidman, James Franco and Robert Pattinson, QUEEN OF THE DESERT is […]

Raising Bella

My name is Bella. I am excited to be in Grade 1 and make friends with you. I am autistic. Being autistic means something different for everyone, but for me it means that I see, hear and feel things a lot better […]

A thank you note to my man

With Mother’s Day just gone, in this week’s column I wanted to shine some light on all the awesome dads out there and in particular, dedicate this piece to this guy: my partner in crime, my other half, the father of my […]

I’m worried about the future…

I’m worried about us—as a society—that before too long we, as humans, will no longer be capable of doing much of anything. Let me give you some insights, and yes, brace yourself. Glimpses of the future Shoelaces: Nike announced recently they will […]

The power of a work reinvention

I got a really cool compliment today. It really reinforced what I am doing is on the money—I am reaching people, connecting my message with their pain points, and providing solutions to help the small businesses I work with stand out. Today […]

In an instant, everything changed …

Standing in the shower one Friday morning, Val Davison felt a lump on her breast. Although she wasn’t overly concerned, she mentioned it to her best friend Jude and her husband. “They were both more alarmed than I was, and said I […]

Social media flamed my anxiety

I was checking my Facebook notifications for work and decided to have a quick squiz at the news feed. One photo sent a wave of emotions through me. It was of a girl from high school having a merry time sharing drinks […]

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