Why I’ll Never Regret Pour Choices

by Do you remember my new wine-making bestie, Paola? I frothed over her chardonnay so much that I tracked it down to a wine bar in West End called Pour Choices. I would have gone purely for the wine, but next time I’ll return […]

Desperate/ Healthyish Chocolate Mug Cake

by To feed your period monster… Apologies if I am super out of touch and mug cakes are soooo-two- years-ago – I’ve just discovered that they’re a legit food item and I need to rave about it. My latest dieting attempt is to […]

Online Shopping Changed My Life

by Grocery shopping online  has changed my life. It’s a dramatic statement, but this simple adjustment has made the biggest difference in my day-to-day existence. I actually love grocery shopping – the pretty displays inspire me to buy ingredients for gourmet masterpieces […]

Have I Finally Found Legit Healthy Pasta?

by I wish I was one of those people whose favourite food is kale, but no matter how much I learn about nutrition I struggle to pass up on a piece of deep-fried chicken. Pasta is another favourite, especially when it’s smothered […]

How To Do Secret Santa Like A Boss!

by Both summer and December are officially here, and as well as enjoying yourself at the sudden deluge of Christmas parties, lunches, brunches and ‘drinks’, you also need to buy Christmas presents. Shopping for family and friends is a project on its own, even […]

Top spots for a long ladies lunch

by I love having a few glasses of wine on a lazy Sunday. Whether it’s at the races, a wedding or a cheeky Sunday session, the sensation of getting a leisurely buzz in the Brisbane sunshine makes me extraordinarily happy, even though […]

Carolina Kitchen = Happy BBQ Zombies

by In a recent post I spoke about baking a housewarming present for a party hostess I didn’t know very well. We were merely acquaintances, but when I discovered the catering chosen for the party I knew that this was a woman […]

Belly Bliss at Blackbird

by I was recently asked to choose a restaurant for a dinner catch up with friends who were stopping by BrisVegas on their honeymoon tour. I asked what their budget was, and when they said they just wanted a good meal, I […]

My invitations have changed: now I bring cookies

by Now that I’m in my thirties, I qualify for invitations to legitimate adult parties. Instead of pre-drinking, I now attend housewarming parties. Rather than Sunday sessions, I am invited to baby gender revealing celebrations. My Saturday afternoons are often taken up […]

Mavis’s Kitchen – three thumbs up!

by After a long sweaty climb to the summit of Mt Warning, I needed a snack. The winding Murwillumbah Road that leads to the national park is rather lacking in convenience stores, and my climbing buddy and I were lured in to […]

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