“Business Barre” is a space for women in business to exercise your business mindset, work out what is working in your professional life and stretch your thinking on how to get what you want from your business.

Drawing The Line – How Much To Share?

If you are working as a consultant, you probably thrive on finding and spotting opportunities which others don’t see. However, many consultants (including me), struggle with finding the right balance between networking, pitching and attracting business but not giving away too much valuable IP and […]

Making Volunteering Work For You

Many of us volunteer huge amounts of our time in support of community groups and charities. Volunteering is precious, rewarding and invaluable – but it can also be time consuming, exhausting and often demoralising. I work with not for profits in a variety of volunteer, […]

The Power of No!

I was lucky enough to participate in a Women in Thought Leadership Panel last week, with Adele Blair of the Concierge Collective on the power of saying “no”. Why do women feel obliged to say yes to work, commitments and obligations which drain our […]

Juggling A Portfolio Career

The world of work is changing. Many of us now choose to juggle a wide range of positions, part-time roles, consultancies, appointments and partnerships over the traditional 9-5pm job. Phrases like “gig economy” and “portfolio careers” arguably describe the way women have been working for […]

Sticking To Your Values

Last week I spoke at a Women Leading Business Masterclass on the importance of sticking to your values. I was surprised by the number of women who have contacted me to share how difficult they find it to create boundaries around their professional values. […]