Sextortion ruins lives!

by Many parents worry about their children taking naked images of themselves and sharing them with people they think they can trust, however we also have to be careful. Yes us, the adults. As a major study continues in Australia into on-line […]

Something for the kids…

by Synopsis: Albert can’t help getting into mischief when no one is around. But one day he goes too far… Oh, Albert! A perfect story about a family and their not-so-perfect (but loveable!) dog. Review: Oh, Albert! is an adorable picture book, […]

Can we women really have it all?

by Can we women really have it all? Groan, I know, I know we’ve heard this one before…move on! Seriously though, I’d like to talk a little bit more about this modern-day dilemma, as I still feel that there is a lot […]

Homework strike by parents

by The age-old argument about what is too much homework has been thrust back into the headlines ….this time in Spain where thousands of parents have started a rolling homework strike. Beginning over the weekend, students from 12,000 schools across Spain were […]

Benefits of digitally detoxing

by Technology….sigh…we can’t seem to live without it, but sometimes I really don’t want to live with it either. Let me just say firstly that this is by no means a post condemning all things technology or that I am about to […]

Why kids don’t listen…

by PARTNER CONTENT ‘How to talk so kids will listen & Listen so kids will talk’ is a book and course written in the 80s, with accompanying shoulder pads, ‘word art’ fonts and classic music of that era. I’ve asked the authors, […]

One of THOSE days

by Those days—you know the ones—where everything comes to you easily and naturally and you feel you can conquer the world.  Kids lunches packed, breakfast made, kitchen tidied, children blissfully following the rules without a complaint. On these days you’ve done the […]

It’s a boy thing

by While sharing morning tea with my three-year-old son, I started to make conversation (as you do). When I paused in anticipation of a verbal response he simply nodded or made silly noises. So I kept talking, enjoying our time together until […]

Lessons from parenthood

by Parenthood is one of those things that changes everybody and for the most part, for the better. For me personally, it has definitely shaped the person I am today and in particular, highlighted the importance of three key areas in life: […]

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