Dr Seuss’ Missing Book

by A long-lost Dr Seuss book with cameo appearances by The Cat in the Hat and the Grinchwill soon be available to delight children around the world. Notes and sketches for the missing book, which experts believe were done as far back […]


by First post! So I have been thinking of starting a little blog for a while as an insight to our beautiful crazy world of raising three boys by the sea. I was even more inspired after reading about the Byron Bay […]

The Importance Of Preschool

by Both major parties are finally talking about the importance of preschool – here’s why it matters Early childhood education and care barely rated a mention in the lead-up to the 2016 federal election. But the mood has changed in Canberra. In […]

Could You Be Putting Your Child Off Reading?

by Not every child is a bookworm, but research shows that developing a love of reading early in life can provide many benefits. From a positive impact on academic achievement, increased general knowledge, vocabulary growth, improved writing ability, and helping children to […]

Parenting Practices Around The World

by Most parents would agree that parenting is extremely complex and challenging. What works for one child, might not work for another – even within the same family. Parenting practices and beliefs around the world can also be strikingly different. Japanese children, […]

Are We Teaching Our Children To Be Afraid Of Exams?

by Some Australian students are reportedly shunning Year 12 exams to seek less stressful pathways to finishing school. These reports come amid warnings of rising rates of anxiety and depression among young people, with psychologists calling for better mental health support services […]

How To Prepare For The Family Party This Summer

by Summer is a special time of the year for every family member regardless of their age or gender. During this time, the temperatures rise, and the sun shines brightly with its warmth brightening everyone’s face, ultimately bringing mirth into their hearts. […]

What You Need To Know About “Momo”

by It’s been an unsettling week for parents after a series of reports claimed that kids found disturbing images in online videos. Word about the “Momo Challenge,” as well as upsetting video splices, spread quickly across parents’ groups — but are the […]

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