Coronavirus With A Baby: What You Need To Know

by If you have a baby, you may be worried about them catching the coronavirus, particularly after media reports of an Australian infant diagnosed with it. The good news is, the evidence so far is babies almost never get seriously ill from the coronavirus. And even […]

Do Drugs Go Off?

by   It is estimated that there is a staggering £300m worth of medicine unused in the UK every year. But is it safe to take these medicines if they are past their expiry date? Expiry dates are put in place after […]

Pooping Anxiety…It’s A Thing

by In this day and age where everything seems to create a wave of anxiety, surely there are some specific things in our lives we can eradicate from potential anxiety levels. There are things in this world we can all agree that […]

Beach Day Bag Essentials

by Summer has arrived! Rising temperatures and the scorching sun are hard to escape this season. Escaping to one of the many beautiful beaches is one way we all try to beat the Aussie heat. But sometimes in our rush to hit […]

Health Changes That Will Last A Lifetime

by   There are many diets, fads and supplements that all promise a healthier you. The truth is there are no quick fixes. The only way to make long term changes is by making little steps that become habits. New Year’s resolutions are […]

The Pope and the Pill

by The swinging 60s may be remembered as a time of blossoming sexual freedoms, but the decade didn’t swing for everyone.  Catholic women were caught in a precarious position – the Church prohibited use of all artificial contraception, including the newly available […]

Making Sense Of Menopausal Hormone Therapy

by   At menopause, a woman’s ovaries lose their reproductive function. Eggs are no longer released and the production of the hormones oestrogen and progesterone falls. It’s the lowered levels of oestrogen after menopause that gives rise to troublesome postmenopausal symptoms. Most […]

Dogs Really Can Chase Away Loneliness

by Feeling lonely? A dog may help. Our research confirms what many dog owners already know: dogs are great companions that can help you to feel less lonely. Cuddles and slobbery kisses, meeting other dog owners in the park and a general […]

#SheInspires Liz Van Vliet

by Liz Van Vliet thought that when her hair started to grow back that she was through the worst of what breast cancer had in store for her. However, she was to find that she hadn’t even scratched the surface.  In her […]

Take A Stand For Bone Health

by Did you know that in the next two years, there will be an estimated 6.2 million Australians diagnosed with osteoporosis? And that women are four times more likely to get osteoporosis than men? This coming Sunday, 20 October, is World Osteoporosis Day, and Dairy […]

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