Seniors and Political Correct

by Older Australians get annoyed by people who try to be politically correct. They are also sick of the younger generation’s manners, obsession with technology and punctuality, which they say is ruining society. That was the verdict from a study commissioned by […]

Stuck In A Funk

by Stuck in a funk? Life in reverse? Time to get a Plan. Some of us know the feeling when life becomes a grind and routine is the main game. It’s like the days just turn into weeks, then into months without […]

SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

by Are you going through a tough time at present with your mood mirroring the cold, dark, grey days of winter? If so, you have probably got a dose of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and if it keeps up you probably need […]

Lyndall McCormack #SheInspires

by Lyndall McCormack, farmer, wife, mother, community leader and a lover of  music makes no bones about it. She is proud of her country Queensland roots in the Darling Downs and how the people living there don’t flinch at challenges. An insight […]

My Name Is Jimi

by My Name Is Jimi When invited to see Queensland Theatre’s latest play ‘My Name Is Jimi’ I didn’t know what to expect. Was it a night of storytelling, dancing, comedy, music or culture? Ultimately it was a night of all of these and […]

Asparagus, Tofu & Goji Berrie Salad

by I love nothing more than a warm salad in Winter time. My favourite below I make nearly once a week because it is super quick, easy, yummy and full of the good stuff e.g antioxidants, protein, vitamins… Ingredients: Bunch of asparagus […]

Dr Doolittle

by So you know how I can talk to animals….. Oh – haven’t I told you about that? Yeah, I can communicate with animals. No really, I can. Especially dogs but most animals actually – although fish are tricky and frogs for the […]

Health Benefits of Indoor Plants

by The number of Australians living in high-rise apartments doubled between 1991 and 2011, and that trend has continued since then. The quarter-acre dream is fast disappearing and larger blocks and family gardens along with it. As more people move from country […]

Don’t Be Intimidated By International Airports

by Travelling alone is not complicated for single females Some people are intimidated by large international airports. However, I find them to be fascinating as they resemble a mini city, multicultural platter of intrigue with all the hustle and bustle. They also provide excellent […]

The Trip To Spain

by Sunshine, sangria, siestas, señoritas and sardines – all of this and more are to be found in the latest Michael Winterbottom directed film- ‘A Trip to Spain’. Following on from ‘The Trip’ and ‘The Trip to Italy’ this latest hilarious instalment sees the […]

Bernadette Oshea #SheInspires

by How is it that Brisbane has a world-renowned champagne expert living here? This is where my home is, and I have enjoyed spreading the champagne word in this beautiful part of the world. Where were you born and is it true […]

Making Like Dorothy – My Return To Oz

by Many (many!) years ago, after travelling the length and breadth of this amazing country, I found myself sun-seeking to warmer climes after Sydney’s April weather started to remind me of what I left behind in the UK! I threw my (highly […]

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