Kids Playroom Design Ideas for Small-Spaces

by SheBrisbane caught up with Stacey Cooper, a creative individual and DIY enthusiast who shared her tips on combining imagination and small spaces to create an epic playroom for kids. This is what she had to say… When you’re a parent, there are […]

1, 2, 3, 4.. I Declare A Sibling War!

by “MUM!  He hit me!”  “I’m dobbing on you!  MUM!”  “MUUUMMMMMM……… He’s being mean to me!!”  I’m guessing these are the familiar sounds to anyone who has more than one child.  Sure, there are those blissful moments when they invent a game […]

Gap Year

by The SheBrisbane team thought it was worth passing on this warning to parents of school leavers contemplating a gap year. Unless it is planned, “forget it”, says a South Australian education expert. Adelaide Advertiser Education Reporter Tim Williams quoted former SA Tertiary Admissions […]

Australia Day

by Amid today’s celebrations of Australia Day, many eyes will turn towards the West Australian city of Fremantle where the day has been cancelled. The port city will effectively become a litmus test for the #changethedate movement when the local council holds its “culturally […]

Beware The Power Of The Primal Woman

by I was lucky enough to spend the last two weeks in the US with Olivia, my 15 year old daughter. Today is our last day here. We have watched the rolling news of the Presidential handover with fascination and intrigue as […]

Get Smart

by It’s exciting when you decide to upgrade your smart phone. You chat to your converted colleagues, look at their trendy new phone covers, discuss the latest features, do a little online research then off you trot to your retail service provider outlet. When I […]

She Spies…

by The SheBrisbane team gets excited when we come across new beauty treatments, so when we were introduced to a facial product said to be the ‘best anti-ageing gadget’ on offer, we had to share… The ReFa CARAT is specifically designed to mimic […]

Soar Like An Emu

by Happy New Year Dear Readers! How was your break? Mine was exhausting. I need a holiday after my “holiday”. A couple of highlights for you (in no particular order). Dad putting Dynamic Lifter on the lawn before the afternoon storms hit, yet again sending […]

How To Look Even Better This Year!

by The SheBrisbane team have been lucky enough to get a sneak peak at some tips & tricks from Australia’s leading makeup artist Napoleon Perdis in response to the beauty questions he gets asked the most. What are the major makeup trends […]

Beautiful The Way We Are

by The SheBrisbane girls come in many shapes, sizes and colours and not one person is more ‘normal’ than the other. So when we came across a recent article about a photographer who captured images of 40 ‘real’ women in bid to […]

Will We Ever Be Able To Retire?

by A recent article by Jason Murphy of has crushed the SheBrisbane teams dreams of retiring as it seems it may never happen… “It is becoming more possible that a nice long retirement is not in my future. Like free university […]

17 Unique Places You Should Visit

by 2017 may have only begun but the team at SheBrisbane is already looking for mid-year holidays to keep us inspired! If you are lucky enough to have travelled to the world’s most popular destinations, maybe it’s  time to try someplace you’ve […]

Online Dating Sees Rise in STD’s

by With a few of us here at SheBrisbane not opposed to the idea of online dating, a recent article by Kristian Silva of the ABC on “Chlamydia and gonorrhoea cases up in Queensland as doctors fear rise in unsafe sex” came […]

Alcohol Makes For Munchies

by There’s no denying the SheBrisbane ladies familiarity with wine and cheese and we often do wonder why you can’t have one without the other. Well, a recent article by the ABC reported that scientists at London’s Francis Crick Institute found there […]

How To Drink Properly – Tips For Our Teens

by Further to the report last week by the ABC on the drinking culture with young teens, SheBrisbane came across an Instagram account targeting 18 year olds as they become legal, diving face first into the world of the Australian drinking culture. The […]

Have I Finally Found Legit Healthy Pasta?

by I wish I was one of those people whose favourite food is kale, but no matter how much I learn about nutrition I struggle to pass up on a piece of deep-fried chicken. Pasta is another favourite, especially when it’s smothered […]

Sunny Side Up!

by She Brisbane spoke to Kaylene Harris from WARWICK Fabrics about this years colour trends. This is what she had to say… “One of Pantone’s top 10 colours predicted as a trend for 2017 is Primrose Yellow. It’s such a bright, vivid […]

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