Books bring bliss after heartache

by “I think it’s about finding the right book at the right time in your life” When Louise Roche lost her husband Steve, it was the worst chapter in her life. Married for 18 years and best friends for longer, they had a genuine partnership […]

Homework strike by parents

by The age-old argument about what is too much homework has been thrust back into the headlines ….this time in Spain where thousands of parents have started a rolling homework strike. Beginning over the weekend, students from 12,000 schools across Spain were […]

Election Women

by The influence of women and sex on a US election is at an unprecedented all-time high and not just because one of the candidates is a woman and the other an alleged serial groper. One of Democrat Hillary Clinton’s closest aide’s […]

What happened to Guy Fawkes?

by As I was driving home from work earlier this week I was amazed to see how many Halloween costumed children were paving the streets with parents and buckets in hand. It started me thinking about my childhood and my own children […]

Brahs Only

by The popular trend involving start-ups and small business operators renting a desk or two in special co-working offices is getting a new addition in Brisbane. But what makes this one different is that it’s a “Men only” operation and already it’s […]

Benefits of digitally detoxing

by Technology….sigh…we can’t seem to live without it, but sometimes I really don’t want to live with it either. Let me just say firstly that this is by no means a post condemning all things technology or that I am about to […]

Wild Dogs and Wild Weather

by My South African Adventure Since my first story on South Africa many people have asked , “ So what happened next?” Every day in South Africa dawns differently to the one before and so it was with my husband and I…. […]

Five Steps to Ensure the Perfect High Tea

by Five Steps to Ensure the Perfect High Tea There’s something enchanting about the sound of a high tea room. It’s in the tinkling of teacups, the chime of silverware on butter dishes and the sweet tones of ladies chatting without the interruption […]

Is Wonder Woman the right fit?

by The United Nations has celebrated Wonder Woman’s 75th birthday by naming the comic book character, as it’s new honorary ambassador for the empowerment of women and girls. There are those, however, both inside and outside the world organisation that want her […]

Northside Conversations: meet David Gillespie

by Don’t miss this entertaining presentation including morning tea. Seats are strictly limited. Presented by She Brisbane and Northside Meetings, join David for a conversation about being taken seriously as a lawyer who likes to tread on the toes of other professionals, […]

Meet our columnists

by Meet our wonderful columnists. If you would like to suggest topics to our columnists, or sponsor them, please email She Brisbane (the address is in the footer below) Alexandria Bernard writes Smart Alex. Calling it as she sees it, Alex—a journalist […]

We’re opening the door to the men

by Yes, by popular demand, we’ve now got a special “HE Brisbane” tab at the top of our home page where we’ll feature stories by  men and/or about the men in our world. The section has already been kicked off with some […]

$700 raised to buy mastectomy bras

by Eighty amazing women at the inaugural She High Tea raised $700 to buy six mastectomy bras at $105 a bra, and during the week our columnist Ruth Greening, presented the cheque to Mater Chicks in Pink’s Claire Hughes (pictured above). We […]

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