Selfies Can Give You Nits

The growing popularity of children taking selfies with their smartphones is being blamed for a dramatic increase in the incidence of head lice in schools, according to experts. The research project, presented at the British Association of Dermatologists annual conference in Liverpool, […]

Hilton Brisbane’s Food & Beverage Masters

This week SheBrisbane had the opportunity to attend the Hilton Australasia Food & Beverage Masters which this year was held at Brisbane’s Hilton. The annual event aims to discover, develop and celebrate the best food and beverage talent within the company with four […]

There Is No Shame In Hiring A Nanny

If your maternity leave has finished and you are returning to work in 2018, a nanny/educator could solve a range of childcare issues. There’s no need to feel any shame or guilt either as there are various options and ranges of care […]

An Unclean Mind (Is Not What You Think)

Someone I know was recently accused of being unclean. Which bothered me. When you ask Google to define unclean, a whole stack of ugly words pop up like: dirty, filthy, grubby, foul, impure, tainted, adulterated, mucky, soiled, begrimed, and unwashed. Which then […]

Women Leaving Kids With Their Husbands

Prominent news reporter Tara Brown of 60 minutes has recently separated from her husband. She showcased her new love, veteran news producer Gareth Harvey to her friends after separating from her husband of 17 years, John McAvoy. Moving out of their shared […]

Fresh Starts

New Year! It’s good to see you! You’re so shiny and new I’m checking my makeup in your reflection and parking you at the edge of the parking lot so no one dings you with their door. Did you guys make heaps […]

Christmas Hugs

Remember that Christmas years ago when your Mum encouraged you to give a distant aunt a big hug after she gave you a present? It’s perhaps one of the most confusing things that can be sent to a child. Encouraged cuddles — those […]

Kerri–Anne Kennerley’s A Bold Life

She Brisbane was lucky enough to spend an evening with Australian icon Kerri–Anne Kennerley. Kerri–Anne was in conversation with Brisbane’s own Frances Whiting at the beautiful Brisbane City Hall, lighting up the room as soon as she walked on stage. Reminiscing on […]

Queensland Police In Pie Fight

A leading American sports reporter has run into trouble over the humble Australian meat pie and the Queensland Police have been “forced” to get involved. The conflict erupted after Australian company Four’N Twenty announced a partnership with NBA franchise Philadelphia 76ers, the […]

Vulcana Women’s Circus

Vulcana Women’s Circus are set to present two shows in partnership with Brisbane Powerhouse, Monsteria and The Modern Guide to Heroism and Sidekickery. Monsteria revolves around the ideas of identity and feminine bodies, using circus to portray extreme strength, flexibility and contortion. […]

24 Hour No Brush Challenge

Would you be able to go 24 hours without brushing your hair? Well you better try, because leaving home with untamed locks is now going to help raise awareness for mental health and wellbeing. Professional hair detangling brand, Dessata, has partnered with […]

Nikole Horan #SheInspires

For Brisbane mum of three boys, Nikole Horan, her brush with mental illness was a life-changer. Broken and bewildered, Nikole admitted herself into Brisbane’s Belmont Private Hospital two years ago. Her main respite from the crushing reality of her situation was to […]

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