Who’s to blame? The usual suspects?

by Are you quick to blame others? Are the usual suspects—those close at hand—often the recipients of your frustration? Sometimes accidents are just accidents. Right? That’s what I’ve always believed. If there’s one thing I hate (okay there’s no real ‘if’ there) […]

After a breakup… new life

by I have spent the last year healing, reflecting, growing from a break-up after many years with my partner, and am now at the stage of what next? This is where my desire to start exploring my more creative side kicked in. […]

Loved up couples … apply here!

by Are you in luuuvveee? Engaged? Well, Sarah Streets a professional photographer from Morningside is looking for you. No she doesn’t need to bask in the glow of your love, she’s already engaged to Martel, but Sarah is working on a unique […]

Being single all year round

by So you’re not a ‘couple’… trust me, I have spent many Valentines Day’s in the state of singledom and I have to say, sometimes they are the best ones. What better way to show the love then to have some quality […]

I’ve found the one…

by I was going to write this long preamble about my journey through life which is not unlike Jason and his quest for the Golden Fleece i.e. searching constantly for some mythical thing that may or may not exist and takes forever […]

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