#SheReviews: The Miracle Club

There was quite a bit of reminiscing as my friend and I watched the advanced screening of The Miracle Club this week.  Set in 1967 and filmed around picturesque Ireland, we would have been in our late teens back then. We had […]

#SheReviews Film: Joy Ride

Producers of Bad Neighbours and the co-screenwriter of Crazy Rich Asians have brought another hilarious and unapologetically explicit story of identity and self-discovery to the screen, with Joy Ride. Also known for their work in The Boys TV series, Joy Ride could […]

#SheReviews The Albatross by Nina Wan

The time-honoured and at-times sublimely meditative game of golf has, like many sports in the modern age, a plethora of life lessons to impart to it’s participants and watchers. Sage viewpoints such as ‘to always keep focused and alert’, ‘do not be […]

#SheReviews Woken Kingdom

It’s not often that I read fantasy or young adult books, but when I met Poppy Solomon at Genrecon her warmth and generosity of spirit shone through. When Poppy sent a copy of her new take on the fairy tale, Sleeping Beauty, […]

Makeup Masterclass with Lancôme

One of “THE TALKS” at Australian Fashion Week invited guests to be a part of a Makeup Masterclass. Hosted by Lancôme we were invited to transform our makeup skills with a live demonstration from a team of industry professionals. This year was […]

#SheReviews Film: Driving Madeleine

If you love Paris you will really enjoy the heartwarming French film Driving Madeleine. It tells the story of a 92 year old woman who is being forced into assisted living after she has a fall. She has one day of independence […]

#SheReviews The Running Club by Ali Lowe

There is, undeniably, a carefully and purposefully tiered (and at times formidable) class system that exists in Australian society. However, sometimes those in the top-tier echelons, living seemingly almost ethereal fairytale lives, living in opulent houses and wearing custom-made designer clothes that […]

#SheReviews Film: The Black Demon

Feel like some thrills and spills? Released this year, The Black Demon fiction horror film is for you. A family is stranded on an old oil rig in the small town of Baja, on a peninsula in north-western Mexico, unaware that for […]

#SheReviews The Wakes by Dianne Yarwood

Life, in all it’s abundant beauty, is capable of dealing us dazzling and dizzying highs and perturbingly caustic lows. Indeed, just when the vast landscape of one’s existence seems bereft of joy and hope, life-changing and redeeming light can illuminate one’s path […]

#SheReviews Film: Bank of Dave

Bank of Dave, another lovely movie based on real events and a true(ish) story. This remarkable development of Burnley (UK) resident, Dave Fishwick was first shared with the world as a documentary in 2012. A decade late this tale remains resonant as […]

#SheReviews Crows Nest by Nikki Mottram

Australian country towns are sometimes (undeniably and soberingly) hotbeds of corruption among the powerful and influential, weighed down by recalcitrant crime waves and host to a plethora of murky, explosive secrets. These towns can appear to be utopic havens of peace and […]

#SheReviews Judgement Day by Mali Waugh

The Family Law Courts in Australia are robustly monolithic and often draconian in nature – a formidably behemoth institution overseen by powerful and sometimes far-reachingly domineering judges. Treacherous to navigate at the best of times, the Family Law Courts are a place […]

#SheReviews The Work Wives by Rachael Johns

Can women ever truly know their female friends, particularly a work friend, thoroughly and intricately? Can secrets between those friends surreptitiously co-exist within the framework of a solid and well-chiseled kinship? These questions are ennobly and forthrightly examined in phenomenally talented and […]

#SheReviews Film: Allelujah

Allelujah the movie is an adaptation of Alan Bennett’s 1968 play Forty Years On. A crumbling Victorian ward is embroiled in Britain’s political health system and the hospital The Bethlehem puts up a fight to avoid closure.  In the film, Dr Valentine […]

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