Technology Love

My Frusband has named his Sat Nav after me. I wondered if it’s because they always have those smooth, sexy voices but it turns out that’s not the reason. Frusband: “She’s called Alex because she bosses me around, never stops talking and […]

Taking a ride with Grandma Uber

I took only my second Uber ride recently—I’m not adverse to adapting to new things—and it turns out I got in the car of a famous woman. You may have already heard of her Grandma Uber, aka Kathy Raydings? Kathy, 57,  has […]

Lessons I’ve learned from Dad

For Mother’s Day I wrote a column which really seem to resonate with She Brisbane readers about the “good advice” (i.e. bossing) my mum, Ruth, has dispensed over the years. So, I thought it was only fair I give reciprocal rights to […]

The Naked (Un)Truth

Have you noticed there seems to be a lot of people getting their kit off these days? I couldn’t sleep the other night and was flicking through the channels when I stumbled upon this train wreck of show called Dating Naked. Can […]

My iPad broke up with me

My iPad broke up with me. I’m serious. It had a psychotic episode and started opening multiple pages at once, jumping between apps, it wouldn’t let me close anything down – nightmare. Given that I recently wrote about how in the future […]

I’m worried about the future…

I’m worried about us—as a society—that before too long we, as humans, will no longer be capable of doing much of anything. Let me give you some insights, and yes, brace yourself. Glimpses of the future Shoelaces: Nike announced recently they will […]

Bogans out – new image sought

Definition: bogan ˈbəʊɡ(ə)n/ noun / Australian/NZ informal derogatory 1. an uncouth or unsophisticated person, regarded as being of low social status. “some bogans yelled at us from their cars” If you’re not a motoring enthusiast you may not have heard the news […]

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