Pieces of me

by I don’t want to do this anymore! I can’t handle this! I feel like screaming! I f***ing hate this! These are the thoughts that power through my mind when I’m at the brink of a mental explosion and when the girls […]

The dark side of parenting

by Last night I had a terrible dream about my daughter, Audrey, and since Jade (my partner) doesn’t want to talk to me about it (he doesn’t like to entertain morbid thoughts about our children, which I fully understand) I thought I […]

What will I tell my girls?

by Another attack… more lives lost… it’s been a heavy last few weeks around the world and each time something happens, a little part of me dies. This morning I woke to the news of the attack in Nice (France) by a […]

Childcare – cogs of the working wheel

by With the federal election just around the corner, it’s refreshing to see some of the major parties finally shining some light on the very pressing issue of childcare. As a mum looking to eventually return to work full-time, the current childcare […]

Because I’m a queen

by This week I wanted to talk about the meaning behind a tattoo I got last year: it reads, “Because I’m a queen.” I get a lot of different reactions to this tattoo – some people think it’s awesome, some people think […]

Lessons from parenthood

by Parenthood is one of those things that changes everybody and for the most part, for the better. For me personally, it has definitely shaped the person I am today and in particular, highlighted the importance of three key areas in life: […]

Inala and me

by I haven’t seen the SBS series Struggle Street, but I have seen the news lately and the hype/furore (depending on which side of the fence you sit) regarding the much talked about series and it’s apparent intentions to film the second […]

A thank you note to my man

by With Mother’s Day just gone, in this week’s column I wanted to shine some light on all the awesome dads out there and in particular, dedicate this piece to this guy: my partner in crime, my other half, the father of […]

Being thin will solve all my problems…

by Myjanne Jensen interviews Jenn Hand—food coach, creator of Healing From Within and founder of www.jennhand.com –  a full-service boutique that offers coaching and an online program that enables women to transform their relationship with food, weight, body, and eating. Jenn knows […]

One hour to myself – magic!

by This week we rounded our fifth week with our little darling, Minnie-Jane, and I finally managed to get approximately one hour to myself. I’m not going to lie – it was amazing! In fact, since that hour of freedom, I have […]

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