Meet our columnists

July 11, 2016

Let us introduce you to our columnists – they've got you covered

Meet our wonderful columnists. If you would like to suggest topics to our columnists, or sponsor them, please email She Brisbane (the address is in the footer below)

Alexandria Bernard writes Smart Alex. Calling it as she sees it, Alex—a journalist and career girl—has her finger on the pulse of Brisbane opinion. There’s no safe topic!

Demographic: 30+ educated, thinking women with disposable incomes.

Ruth Greening writes Nanny Babe. Ruth shares her journey as a mature full-time employee, remote grandmother, single mother, soon-to-be retiring Baby Boomer, keen traveller, gym goer, dancer and lover of life.

Demographic: 55+, Boomers, grandparents.

Myjanne Jensen writes The Mother Load.Reaching thousands of local mums, Myjanne—a journalist and mother of two little girls under three years of age—shares with honesty, the highs and lows of motherhood.

Demographic: mothers, pregnant women, families.

Jennifer Vines and Michaela Bourke write The Social Report. Covering the big events in Brisbane and with huge personal social media accounts, there’s no red carpet event without them.

Demographic: social event lovers, fashionistas, social media followers, all ages.

Emma Lee writes Bite Me! Eating and sipping her way around Brisbane’s cafe and food markets scene, Emma also shares recipes for those who love to create in the kitchen.

Demographic: all ages, all foodies!

Choe Gibbs writes City Girl in Cunnamulla. Chloe has moved from the city to Cunnamulla for her graduate year of nursing. Take the journey with Chloe – new career, new life.

Demographic: students, 20-somethings, career driven girls, post high school, college and university students, carers.