Beautiful Brows – Advice From An Expert

November 26, 2018

Beautiful brows can change the look of your face. They frame your eyes and can enhance the windows to your soul. I have seen many brow trends come and go – from the over-plucked thin eyebrows of the seventies, through to the full brows of the beautiful Brooke Shields and on to the present day where brows are well defined and shaped. So what is the secret to creating the perfect brow ? I spoke to Sherril Dalitz from the Brow and Skin Studio to gain an insight into the latest brow trends and to find out what prompted her to open Brisbane’s very first specialist and dedicated Brow and Skin Studio many years ago.

The Brow and Skin Studio

Sherril says, “I have been in this industry for many years. I started first in cosmetics but was disappointed and concerned when the emphasis seemed to be on covering skin rather than keeping it looking beautiful. I understood that the better the canvas, the better the overall look. You can only cover problems for so long before they become chronic problems which are then harder to treat, so with determination and enthusiasm I embarked on this amazing journey to become a Beauty Therapist.”

She explains further, “The landscape was very different then. There were limited products and treatments to choose from, however things were about to change dramatically. The ingredients became King with AHA’s, BHA’s, Retinols and Vitamin C leading the charge. These led to increasing access and better results for the client. The traditional facial had some opposition with new treatments which included- Treatment Peels, Omnilux and Healite II, Collagen Induction and Microdermabrasion which became the go to treatment plans. By this stage I had been managing salons for years, so opening my own studio just seemed like a natural thing to do.”

Sherril opened the Brow and Skin Studio in 2005. She was proud to tell She Society, “We were the first salon in Brisbane specialising in, you guessed it, Brows and Skin! Most salons were offering many different types of services. By this stage in my career I really just wanted to concentrate on my passions. Brows were becoming a life force of their own. I was determined to show my clients- one brow at a time – the real difference between great and mediocre brows.”

Sculpting the Perfect Brow

There is no cookie cutter brow for everyone and Sherril says, “Every face is different. We love a beautifully styled thicker brow with a well – defined arch ( no Nike brows, tadpoles or slugs here). Remember eyebrows should accentuate, not dominate your face. Eyebrows are the frame for your face, pay attention to them and you can change your look.”

I ask Sherril which celebrity brows she admires and she thinks carefully before answering, “Today probably Kate Winslet, Margot Robbie, Jennifer Lopez and a couple of oldies, but goodies, you cannot go past – Audrey Hepburn and Lauren Bacall.”

Ah, Audrey, my all time favourite brows and those expressive brown eyes were only enhanced by great brows.

Advice for Brow Maintenance

Sherril encourages us all to, “Step away from the tweezers. We know how difficult it can be, however all it takes is one wrong move and you have compromised your beautiful brows. We suggest leaving the styling to the experts, having brows shaped regularly, and using brow gel, pencil and pomade which can transform and maintain your killer brows.”

A full natural brow with a sweeping arch is a classic timeless look. These days we have all seen the excessively dramatic and overdrawn brows which can overwhelm and take away from your natural features. I’ve seen some blonde friends in tears when they’ve left a salon with thick, dark brows which overwhelm their whole look.

Sherril says, “While we don’t want a return to the overly plucked eyebrows of the past, this current fad definitely needs some adjustment. Remember eyebrows should accentuate never dominate. Always leave it to the experts.”

Great advice from an expert with years of experience in grooming the ladies of Brisbane. Sherril has helped to reshape my own brows after my thyroid problems left them patchy and straggly and I wouldn’t go to anyone else. For a beautiful brow, trust in the experts to shape, tint and maintain your brows so that you only enhance your natural beauty.

Check out the Brow & Skin Studio here!

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