Kristina’s Magical Realism

February 13, 2018

SheSociety spoke to the effervescent Gold Coast mother of two Kristina Evans , about her latest novel- Serah Kohw/ Seer of past souls.

It is the first book in her transcendence trilogy where factual adventures, romance and the supernatural come together.

Kristina has previously published 10 novels in her magical realism series- A Snake is Amongst Us.

As her writing process is very different to other authors I made a point of speaking to her to find out more.

Early Life

Kristina grew up in a “haunted”  farmhouse in Wales and this may go a little way to explaining how her writing journey came about.

She still can’t go back to the farmhouse as she remembers it being haunted “in a bad and scary way.”

She also had a clairvoyant grandmother which may be why she hears and sees things from the spirit world and has no idea how this happened to her. She can however pinpoint exactly when the first spirit took control and drove her to write her first novel. It was eight years ago when she took a part-time job in a saddlery.

“My first experience was when I heard the voice of a girl in her late teens who had ended her own life and wanted to pass on a message to me not to cut our path short,” she said.

“She asked me to tell the truck driver (whose vehicle she’d jumped in front of) that she was sorry.

“I really thought I was going crazy and that it was because I was in a very boring job, but I had gone into a meditative state.”

From this time on Kristina’s words just started to flow and wouldn’t stop. She no longer wanted to go out with friends but just keep watching her laptop screen to see how the stories would unfold.

Kristina wrote in secret at first and had never really been a reader or writer before this time.The novels virtually write themselves with Kristina as the conduit.

“It’s like reading in a way as I’m typing so fast keen to see where the story is going. It’s almost like writing a script,” she explained.

Kristina’s books

Her first ten stories all have people’s names as their titles, from her first book Vanessa Smythe which gives an insight into suicide through to stories like those of Gavin McLeod  who led Kristina into the world of aliens.

Many are set in places like Scotland, Egypt and even outer space and Kristina has travelled extensively with the guidance of her characters.The novels cover diverse topics such as reincarnation, healers and mythology.

They combine elements of travel , romance and mythology and all have lessons to teach us.

She tells me about seeing a building from one of her stories in a documentary.

“I was compelled to go there and see if it was for real and sure enough when I got there the carvings I’d described were exactly the same. There was a pendant in pewter of a woman in a tree that I’d described in my books. I still have that pendant today. I believe it could be my grandmother who died when I was thirteen.”

The Trilogy

Serah Kohw /Seer of the souls tells the story of an Australian woman who has some amazing travel adventures, not always travelling in this dimension, to places such as Alaska, Canada, Europe and Great Britain.

It’s also a love story involving a tour guide who is also a Templar.

“Serah Kohw showed me how easy it is to change and wants people to open their eyes so they can see which is their correct path, particularly in terms of health, happiness and unconditional love which can come from animals being a part of our lives,” she said.

The trilogies are all interconnected and one will even take us on a journey to Mars.

What’s next

Kristina says she has tried to stop, particularly after book five when she was told her stories were describing soul splitting, yet it seems impossible for her to do so, the pull is so great. This down to earth Queensland Mum seems genuinely puzzled by her compunction to write.

“At first I did find it scary. I wrote in secret not even telling my husband. Now I know I really cannot stop even if I try,” she said.

“I feel as though if I write seventeen books then that may be the end of it all. Opportunities  also seem to come my way so that I can travel to many of the places I describe and there will be plenty of travel in my future.”

When I joke that it may be difficult to travel to Mars, Kristina says people will be travelling to Mars by 2024.

“There are already plans and people being trained to go there in the USA,” she said.

Kristina Evans

If you are a fan of the magical realism genre this local author’s work may be for you. You can find Kristina Evan’s novels on Amazon and in all good bookstores. Read them if you dare!  

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