Romance Reads To Warm Your Heart This Winter

July 5, 2024

The romance genre has had a huge surge in popularity in recent years. It is the bestselling genre in the world. After all, we all want that ‘happily ever after’ or at least the ‘happy for now’ feeling in our lives. Much of the popularity of romance is largely due to the rise of Book Tok and the reviews it shares.

Plus, the average age of romance readers is getting younger, so it is now encompassing Millennials as well. As a romance author and keen romance reader I am always on the look out for the latest captivating read. Here are a few of my recent favourite romance reads to turn up the heat and warm your heart this winter.

Wallaby Lane – Maya Linnell


Your chance to read Wallaby Lane

Wallaby Lane Kindle Edition – $12.99

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Rural romance fans can look out for Maya Linnell’s Wallaby Lane. Maya’s sixth book will transport you to South Australia’s Limestone Coast. Here we meet Lauren Bickford who works at the local radio station and dreams of being a top radio presenter. She meets Jack Crossley, the new cop in town. Jack is no stranger to the region. He’s traded his city beat for the slower country life in the town he grew up in.

But for Jack and Lauren the course of true love does not run smooth. He needs to restore order in the town before the townsfolk take justice into their own hands. Are Jack’s biggest worries even closer to home? Can Lauren’s reporting remain impartial as her attraction for Jack grows? Featuring Penwarra’s 100 th show, a one-eyed goat and a galah called Gary, Wallaby Lane is a complete delight. Maya knows country life and her stories are always full of baking, farming and country heart. I know you will love it.

Funny Story – Emily Henry


Your chance to read Funny Story

Funny Story Kindle Edition – $14.99

Funny Story Paperback Edition – $18.00





Emily Henry’s romances are bestsellers for a reason. They are funny, heartwarming and modern. I think for me Funny Story is her best yet. We meet Daphne, a librarian whose fiance, Peter has gone and fallen in love with his childhood friend, Petra. With nowhere to go after their breakup, Daphne moves in with winery host and foodie, Miles, who just happens to be Petra’s ex. It’s not a match made in heaven for these two opposites. When they playfully begin posting photos to mislead their exes who could blame them?

Because there is simply no way these two would ever get together, would they? I loved these endearing characters, their witty exchanges and the kindness and friendship shown by the secondary characters. A lovely contemporary romance which has books and wine, so what’s not to love!

My Favourite Mistake – Marian Keyes


Your chance to read My Favourite Mistake

My Favourite Mistake Kindle Edition – $16.99

My Favourite Mistake Paperback Edition – $18.00





In My Favourite Mistake by Marian Keyes, we revisit Anna Walsh who has fallen out of love with New York, her enviable job and her caring partner. In a minor midlife crisis, she swaps the skyscrapers of Manhattan for the small Irish coastal town of Maumtully, a town brimming with characters. She’s there to help her old friends, Brigit and Colm set up a luxury coastal retreat…easy for this former high flying beauty PR. But its tougher than it sounds as some of the locals hate the idea. Anna is also wary of the fact that she has to work with ‘Narky Joey’, and they have unfinished history from the past. The book shows that no matter how far you go, your mistakes will always be waiting for you. Filled with family, friendship and an unlikely romance this one is as comforting and cosy as tea and toast with an old friend.

Breaking All the Rules – Amy Andrews



Your chance to read Breaking All The Rules

Breaking All The Rules Kindle Edition – $10.99

Breaking All The Rules Paperback Edition – $20.58




Looking for a small-town romance? Breaking All the Rules by one of Australia’s favourite romance authors, Amy Andrews might be for you. We meet Beatrice Arthur who always follows the rules but after something happens at her high-flying job, she decides to take herself off to Nowhere, Colorado. Here she decides to break all the rules. Now it’s beer for breakfast and sugar for everything else. Then she meets young cop, Austin Cooper, outside her local diner. He has a charm and wisdom way beyond his years. Like cherry pie, Austin is hard to resist and despite his job he seems all too happy to help Bea break the rules. As she falls for this sexy cowboy cop, Bea will soon discover that rule breaking has consequences. All the sweetest pies in Colorado cannot save Bea from what is coming. This contemporary romance is sassy, fun and sexy.

The Wake-Up Call – Beth O’Leary



Your chance to read The Wake Up Call

The Wake Up Call Kindle Edition – $12.99

The Wake Up Call Paperback Edition – $14.00




English writer, Beth O’Leary writes with humour, heart and a great sense of place. Her story, The Wake-Up Call, is set in a beautiful but rundown English hotel. What the hotel lacks in renovations it makes up for in warmth. Working on reception are the sunny, Izzy and brooding, Lucas. They are sworn enemies. When they try to save the hotel by raising money, they are thrown into competition trying to track down the owners of lost wedding rings. Their relationship is complicated and full of mistakes, secrets and misunderstandings. I found this charming story an enchanting and quick read. One for those who enjoy the enemies to lover’s trope.

With so many categories in the romance genre: cowboy, historical, fantasy, contemporary, romantic suspense, erotic, queer, paranormal and so many more there is sure to be a romance novel to suit your taste. With the main romance reading group being women ages 18 to 54, there is a wonderfully diverse market for these romantic tales and there are so many great new romance authors to discover in every different genre. This writer loves contemporary, travel and rural romance novels. Let us know what your favourite romance reads are and the genre. Warm up this winter with a sizzling romance.

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