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May 23, 2018

I was lucky enough to meet Mocco Wollert at the recent Writers Group Convention.The elegant Mocco was keen to share her story with our She Society readers. Mocco came to Australia in the 1950’s with no English and no money, but has managed to survive and thrive in this new land she now calls home. Like so many migrants who chose to come to Australia, life has had its challenges, but with hard work, a positive attitude and an acceptance of this land and its people, Mocco has carved out a niche for herself as a writer.

At 82 years young Mocco has detailed her early days living in Darwin in her memoir, Bloody Bastard Beautiful and that is why this poet and author truly inspires and shows us all it is never too late to follow your dreams.

Why Darwin?

It was dreams of love that brought Mocco to Darwin all those years ago. She arrived in Australia in 1958 disembarking from her plane and being greeted by her boyfriend in the sweltering tin shed airport in Darwin, where the fans seemed to circulate hot air and great flying cockroaches scared her out of her wits. Mocco’s memoir details her growing up years – from lovestruck girl following her German lover to this wild town, through to marrying, becoming a mum to two daughters and finding friendship and happiness, in this town she grew to love.

Her fiancée architect, Niclas had come to Australia as a bricklayer and she had followed six months later leaving her comfortable life, family and office job to come to not just Australia but to the frontier town of Darwin, population 8,000. It was hot, sticky, small, stifling and boring to this city slicker from Cologne in Germany.

Yet now she says in hindsight, her years in Darwin were the best times of her life. Hence the title of her work, Bloody Bastard Beautiful. As most migrants know it’s the swear words you learn first and this bloody, bastard town of Darwin which she had at first hated, became beautiful to her.

Mocco’s Writing Career

Mocco’s father was a poet and it seems he passed this love of words onto his daughter. Mocco has to date had nine books of poetry published, many in combination with art. She writes in both English and German and has had many stories, articles and poems published in literary journals, national magazines, newspapers and anthologies. She has also won many prestigious prizes for her writing.

Now living in Queensland, Mocco is a respected writer who is dedicated to her craft and in making poetry a more powerful and expressive voice. She is also passionate about women writer’s voices being heard and was instrumental in the formation of the Society of Women’s Writers – Queensland. Her 10 children stories tell the adventures of a cat called Mrs Applebee.

Her very first novel was published by the Historical Society of the Northern Territory, before being picked up by Boolarong Press who released it this year. This novel is filled with hilarious anecdotes, family photos and stories that many generations of Australians will relate to.

To win a signed copy of Mocco’s entertaining, well written memoir Bloody Bastard Beautiful head over to the She Society Facebook page.


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